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23 August 2021

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JavaScript has been evolving to a great extent since its invention. Node.js, which is based on Java, is now sought after immensely. The usage of JavaScript in Node.js adds immense simplicity to it. Being developed on Google’s V8 Javascript engine, one of the specialties of Node.js is that it is available in both the browser and the server. Node.js has made a place for itself in real-time web applications. There are innumerable libraries available in the node package manager (NPM), which is the default Node.js package manager and is also considered to be one of the great package managers in the world of software. Node.JS’s library is pretty rich. There is also great JSON Javascript Object Notation) support for Node JS. You will learn about these and more terminologies from the Node.js training in Chennai. Besides, you will gain hands-on experience on the essential concepts related to Node.js from the comprehensive training. With great focus on placement assistance, the Node.JS course in Chennai also offers the flexibility to choose the Node.js sessions.
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