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23 August 2021

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Aswan is situated below the northernmost of Egypt's Nile cataracts, and as such represented the southern frontier of Egyptian rule. This circumstance fluctuated regularly depending on the power balance between rival Nubia and her Pharaohs, leading to frequent territorial infringement. Consequently, Aswan was a natural border region for both cultures.

It was not only an important political boundary, but also an essential economic junction. As a trading center and gateway between Egypt (and the rest) of Africa, the city thrived. The river north of Aswan is navigable all along the way to the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, overland trade routes, caravans made up of elephants and camels bringing valuable goods from South Africa converged here to load them onto boats heading north to Egypt and beyond.

Attractions of Aswan - Beauty to Explore

Aswan's historic location along the cataclysm has had a significant impact on its history throughout times. Aswan was used as a staging point for Anglo/Egyptian forces headed south to stop unrest in Sudan during Egypt’s colonial age. Aswan became a tourist attraction with its warm winter temperatures, at the end of 19th century. Things to do in Aswan attracted European travelers who were seeking to escape the cold in their home countries

Mention of economic and environmental impacts on the Nile Valley people: It is known for its stunning scenery along Nile, and those living in the region, as well as tourists traveling there, benefitted due to construction of a controversial High Dam. When constructed in 1964 this project affected nearly 100,000 Nubian people who lived along the banks of Nile River.

Planning tours that require less days with children to see significant historical sites -In a bid to keep travel costs down while ensuring quality time with their precious little ones, parents can plan shorter destinations vacations where they can enjoy seeing more than just ancient Egyptian treasures.

Many of these locals reside in Aswan and make a living through tourism by selling Nubian-themed items or cultural displays.

Aswan, Egypt offers a less energetic touristic experience, although it still retains the relaxed Nubian culture. People interested in pharaonic history should not pass up Aswan due to the impressive Philae Temple located just across the dam from town.

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