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25 August 2021

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These are some of the many tough questions that most Christians will surely face from peers and loved ones. I for one think these are fair issues for any non-believer to raise – questions that demand real answers. Bestselling author Lee Strobel shares the intimate journey of his conversion from atheism to finally accepting Jesus Christ into his life. Above all, he shows a big degree of empathy that allows us to more easily discover God’s greater purpose for our lives. In addition, he sticks close to Scripture, properly using verses to spur our courage to surrender to our Heavenly Father’s greater will. Like Lewis, Ravi Zacharias is regarded by many as one of the greatest Christian apologists in recent history.

A perfect companion for any church, small group or individual that desires to cultivate a pursuit of God through the pages of His word. To many new believers, the “Christian life” can seem daunting and even dreary or off-putting. In Brand New, the reader will see from scripture that new life in Christ is meant to be full of joy, excitement, and purpose, not just a list of religious tasks to check off. Learn what the Bible says about pursuing Jesus Christ and enjoy the new and perfect relationship you now have with him. When a person dies physically, the soul and spirit leave the body in an inanimate state on earth.

To true believers he offers a solid platform on which to stand their ground against the backlash to religion created by the Age of Skepticism. And to skeptics, atheists, and agnostics, he provides a challenging argument for pursuing the reason for God. I. Packer's classic has been an important tool to help Christians around the world discover the wonder, the glory and the joy of knowing God.

He applies rigorous reasoning, Scripture references, and logical arguments that cover a range of topics on the nature of God, human suffering, and much more. Each chapter is to-the-point yet, taken as a whole, fosters a far more nuanced love for Jesus as our Lord and Savior. These questions and more are fully addressed in John Piper’s book, broken down into 50 well-explained reasons. Paul Miller does a fantastic job at bringing prayer back into square focus. Here, he invites Christians to build a closer relationship with God through step-by-step guidance, prayer prompts, and relevant Scripture. Each chapter is packed with advice on how to develop rich praying habits that emphasise heart and intimacy over the ‘dry’ or ‘formulaic’.

Karen Armstrong, a British journalist and former Roman Catholic nun, goes on a quest for God. The History of God shows how Judaism, Christianity and Islam have overlapped and influenced each other. “The idols of fundamentalism are not good substitutes for God; if we are to create a vibrant new faith for the twenty-first century, we should, perhaps, ponder the history of God for some lessons and warnings,” she writes. This group is for people who want to more deeply explore and engage Faith around care for creati…more This group is for people who want to more deeply explore and engage Faith around care for creation and addressing the crisis.

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