Dear Linda Ikeji, Forgive Me. I Thought You Had Sense, By Mark Anthony - YabaLef

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03 September 2021

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Dear Mark, I wouldn’t want to spare words on you even though I will. But I’ll like to start by saying “You Lack Home Training. Momma Obviously didn’t do her Job well. I wonder what she was doing when she should be raising a man in you. Perhaps, She was probably enjoying the coistus through the back door too; that gave birth to the misfortune which Anthony has to Father.

Mark Boy, Listen, until you recognize and respect authority, you will Never become an Authority. I’ve watched you closely and tried even via scratching my testicles to understand what manner of an alien ? you are, why poppa didn’t jerk you off via masturbation and what the heck you’re doing among humans. Your perfection is almost beating that which Jesus Christ had. You are kind of trying to prove God to be a liar. Wow! Bravo!. Mark, Did your mom not tell you that the fury of a hurting woman burns more than hell’s source of fire. Enhen! Lest I forget, Hope you still remember you will not live as long as Joy Isibewaji, the beautiful soul whom you mocked her failed marriage. linda ikeji and moon bore witness of Her curses on you and until you Mark Anthony bleed on your knees, there might never be a remedy.

Now back to Linda Ikeji.

linda ikeji have a question for you Mark. How do you feel watching a nursing mother feed that innocent Boy with her salty Tears because of a mistake your parents made about two decades ago.

Linda like Every other woman has the right to be wrong, make mistakes and choose her path because she is human. I’m sure your parents once promised themselves never to give birth to a fool and a son that will die before he gets to Joy Isibewaji’s age. But what just happened? Did they not eat their words? Voila! Here are. Their worst nightmare.

Mark, It’s High time you stepped out of God’s shoes and stopped condemning and sending people to hell before they even see the fire therein. You have no right to call Linda a bitch. “Your mom even after she “fell” pregnant with you “legitimately” is yet not half the woman that Linda is Today.

I think you should mind the way you mind other people’s businesses for them..

Linda has not done what has never been done. It wasn’t her fault that you had to come down here and bla bla bla. Bia nna! My fingers are paining me already. Let me leave you with this. If you don’t mind the way you take away other people’s happiness, you might never live to know it. Because, like you said, karma surely does know your address. She will find you. Real men Don’t seek attention, they seek relevance, attention will come along with it. Grow up mark!

Mr Awesome.

I know you are not trained and will want to run your mouth. Feel free.