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16 September 2021

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LeatherCraft Germany specializes in the lasting manufacture of leather add-ons. The outcome is products which focus on durability and quality, making them your day-to-day companions.

In this particular technique, actually, everything that is just not on the planet of style and throw-away tradition. This really is a go back to the days when items were created to begin with on goal and for a long period. With the minimalist design of our small leather goods, we are bringing this approach into a modern context.

As opposed to the normal style pattern, our leather goods are presently only available in natural blacks and browns and they are available all year round in the online store.

high quality, handmade, personalized leather merchandise.

Your personality and creativity in leather. Created in our manufacturing facility in Germany. Hands-manufactured. To suit your needs - so that you will get the product or service you would like - not mass-produced products. Finest quality handmade.

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