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16 September 2021

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In order to contribute to the universalization of digital financial services to all Vietnamese people, up to now, Minh Long Finance is continuing to develop into a comprehensive, sustainable digital financial system.

To achieve this, Minh Very long Finance's control team with more than a decade of experience from the fields of Technology,Banking and Finance, and many others. has usually proactively assessed, continuously, anticipated and judged positive with business and strategies plans ideal for all innovations in the increasing incidence, such as although not limited by the subsequent procedures:

1. Making sure crew security, stable procedure and service supply

Right after more than a 12 months of improvising using the Covid-19 pandemic, Minh Long Finance's management crew easily and immediately considered the pandemic condition and applied remote functioning (WFH) with all of workers. early on as soon as the increasing incidence displays signs of returning. This ensures that the company always has ample individual solutions to operate and provide solutions to users.

Whether operating slightly or in the home, Minh Long Finance's employees nonetheless helps to ensure that monetary professional services offered to clients and traders are steady 24/7 based upon a contemporary computerized program.

2. Obvious expenditure interest rate, making sure environmentally friendly development

Minh Long Finance generally targets company towards users, society and community. Since this is the definitive factor for that environmentally friendly growth and development of the company.

Bank loan attention rates and interest charges for investment cooperation by means of Minh Long Finance will always be transparent, the lowest on the market. By using a local community-oriented target, Minh Long Finance constantly reveals, hooks up, and is also constantly consumer-driven for environmentally friendly growth via useful thankfulness applications.

Keep up to date with social, market and economic innovations. Positivelyprevent and assess, and easily deploy adaptable enterprise plans and strategies in accordance with actuality. Minh Very long Finance's staff is focused on delivering customers and users by using a stable, comprehensive and safe and eco friendly computerized economic program - even throughout the Covid-19 pandemic along with the state of " new normal” in later steps.

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