Jaden Smith x New Balance Vision Racer 'Surplus' Multicolor

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28 May 2022

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The is one of the most eco-friendly shoes from the Massachusetts firm.

The limited edition is made up of 76% scrap material. The collaboration also

incorporates recycled polyester (16%). The share of new materials is only 8%,

which is relatively low. Its impact on the environment is minimal. Added to this

is the fact that each New Balance Vision Racer MSVRCJSN is unique Jaden Smith x New Balance Vision Racer 'Surplus' Multicolor. The thick-soled sneaker was released in late October in the US. Taking a tour of the

photos posted on Instagram, it's clear that each foot is unique. You'll never pass someone

on the street with the same mismatched shoes as you, http://newbalancecheap4sale.com/742-New-Balance-998-Usa-New-Balance-998-Cpl-New-Balance-998-Pigskin-Size-36-44.html. This argument should hit home. On sale (men's and women's sizes) for 150€ on Saturday,

November 14 at Foot Locker.fr: see the pair. Model:

Jaden Smith x New Balance Vision Racer



SKU: MSVRCJSN Price: 150€ Release date : Saturday 14 November 2020

Photos: @nbsonly, @gopre5k & @shafyre See Foot Locker.com

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