November Updates



09 November 2015

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- Custom URLS! A new feature that lets you choose any address for your paste. If your paste has a passcode you may also edit and change the custom URL.

To use custom URLS: press the 'more options' button on the submit page.
If you have a passcode then you may edit your custom URL. First access the paste's control panel by pressing edit below the text. Then enter your new custom URL or you may remove it to go back to using the automatic address.

Custom URLS must be at least 7 characters in length and can only contain letters, numbers and spaces. Letters are not case sensitive.

For example:

All lead to the same paste.

- In addition to custom URLs, all URLS on Pastelink have now been shortened. They no longer contain '/display?q='. Do not worry though, as all the links to pastes created before this update will still work, both with and without '/display?q='.

- New option: Strip text. Turn this on when submitting a paste and all text that is not part of a URL will be removed. Every URL that is found will be formatted into new lines for easier reading.
This option can be found under the 'more options' button on the submit page, along with Custom URLs.

- The listing page has now received a 'load more' button when there are more than 100 pastes to show.

Your feedback and suggestions are very much appreciated, just send us a message using the contact page if there is any feature you'd like to see or anything you'd like to say.



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