Reasons a Tesla car is special

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06 October 2021

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All Tesla cars work very well. However, the main benefit of the North American brand does not depend on what they do better than the competition ... but in every aspect that others aren't even offering.

Each time, there are new features. That's what over the air or over-the -air updates can provide. This is something that mainstream manufacturers are beginning to offer but is not something Tesla is innovating. They can remotely update all the car's ECUs to solve faults, improve functions and introduce new features and completely free of charge. As an example an earlier Model 3 update increased maximum power by 5percent.

2.- Autopilot

They're almost all on their own. Actually it is the Autopilot function regulates only the speed and keeps the car in the lane, but it performs better than other manufacturers. In addition, in the US, the Navigate on Autopilot function is currently able of autonomously making modifications to the lane in order to make detours which lead to one highway or another, based on an existing route in the navigator. The next update the function will be able to detect traffic lights and warn if we're planning to miss one.

3.- Superchargers

Tesla's fast charger network lets travel across much of Europe. In them, a Model 3 charges to 80 percent in just 25 minutes. In other words it can be autonomous at 720 km / h. At present, in Spain there are more than 25 strategically placed locations, each with approximately 10 charging stations and that number is expected to increase by a factor of two in the year 2019.

4.- Cells 2170

The Panasonic cells that Tesla utilizes in its batteries offer more energy density than other manufacturers, which results in batteries with the highest energy/weight ratio available, which is 166 Wh / kg, 50 percent more than the value of the Hyundai Ioniq EV -, making it possible to construct larger capacity and lighter batteries. Additionally, the degradation is extremely slow, losing around 7 percent of its capacity within the first 250,000 miles.

5.- Electronics

Use of silicon carbide chips can improve the efficiency of the inverter, the device that runs electric motors using battery power. The Model 3 uses this technology that was previously only available for competition models such as Formula E cars that can help you cut down on consumption in order to go further.

6.-'Chachis" is a function

The app can keep your dog cool to a function that will allow the car to start, leave the parking space, approach you, and follow your mobile like a puppy. It's also important to know the location of your car, opening it remotely, listening to your music of choice just by asking ...

7.- Easter eggs

It's not a big deal at first glance ... but a lot of customers are enthralled that they can enjoy video games on the central display, that the 'romantic mode' mimics the flame of a fireplace - including the crackling of the flameas well as the fact that the sound system simulates wind in different shades and spatial locations. This is a nice feature ... especially when compared with other brands that hardly manage to translate the menus of their multimedia systems well into Spanish.

8. The big screen

It serves to control every aspect of the system, although that is not a problem because it has better resolution and speed of response than any other screen ever installed in a vehicle. Thus, everything is straightforward and fast. If a touch-based system functions this well, you find that the buttons aren't that important.

9. The card

The model 3 can be opened using this cool RFID card inside the photo. Also, by using the card up to 19 mobiles can be programmed in the role of car keys. It is possible to purchase a traditional type of stroller key ... however, in reality the opening of the mobile works perfectly. The car opens, begins and closes itself with exquisite accuracy. Lockable cars? This is commonplace in the twentieth century.

10.The cameras

Tesla's most advanced Autopilot employs eight cameras to record images of all the events that occur around the car that are processed in an advanced computer vision system. Currently, Teslas are the only vehicles that can be aware of their surroundings. The idea is that the Tesla bought today can function independently in the near future.

11. The chassis

A lightweight multi-material chassis comprising all types of aluminum with steel and using lots of ultra-high-strength steel is among the most difficult tasks on the planet. The fact that Tesla was able to nail on the Model 3 the first time, without help or previous experiences, is truly amazing. It's a car which is over two tons of mass, thanks to which it is capable of traveling miles more.

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