Alexandra's Dildo and her Little Brother 2

16 January 2024

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I stood up, "Now go get some tissues or a towel and you’re going to clean this cum of my leg" as he ran around not being able to find anything in sight he took off his shirt and pulled down my pants. With my still soaking wet panties in his face he rubbed my thighs, then my legs as he continuously apologized I could see the boner appear in his pants again. "Are you getting some thrill out of this? Gosh Andrew your more sick then I thought"

"Yeah, I know Alex. It’s just that, it’s just that I haven’t ever seen a girl in real life before like you that’s why. I’m sorry."

His pleas actually made me feel sorry for him and I said the stupidest thing I think I could
"You’re a dirty boy aren’t you? Okay fine Andrew lick the rest of your cum of my leg" He looked at me in shock disgust and panic as he did not know how I would react if he didn’t follow my orders. He began to look his own cum of my leg and as he moved up my thigh he got really close to my blue panties and I did not stop him. He began to lick over my panties as I quietly moaned. "mmmmmmmmmmm" I snapped my fingers and he moved back as he was close to licking my pussy through my panties. "So you really like doing dirty things like this huh? I can sure see it gets you excited" as I pointed to his boner in which he moved his hands over.

"Alright this is what’s going to happen, you’re going to go to your room(Which was in the basement) and wait for me, I’m going to shower and decide what I should do with this dirty behavior I just witnessed" As he got up and turned around I mentioned, "Oh and Andrew, no more masturbating till I get back down here" that’s all he needed to hear as he patiently waited in his room as I pulled my pants back up and walked around with soaking legs from my little brothers cum and saliva. I ran upstairs and headed to the shower. Once I was inside I remembered I forgot my dildo so I quickly took my shower and dried myself up as I quietly sneaked through my living room without arousing attention from my parents who were in the kitchen talking I opened the door to the basement and quietly made my way down the stairs. I could hear a buzzing noise now and new that Andrew was using it. I went down the stairs past the sitting room and saw his door cracked opened as I saw him again rubbing my dildo around his asshole as he masturbated.
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??? Didn’t we just have this talk hardly 20 minutes ago as I walked in and looked at his computer which had Facebook open with a picture of me covering his screen. "Andrew this is twisted"

"Look Alex I know I’m so so so so so sorry I promise I did not mean to it was just the licking thing and all that you know?"

"Ya I do" as I grabbed the dildo from his hands and turned the vibrator mode to full and ran it over his asshole as I made a circular motion. He was shocked and so was I at what I just did as I started to run it over his ball sack and back to his asshole. He just stared at my hand hovering around his asshole as he shot load after load towards his man boobs.

"Here let me repay the favor from you cleaning up your own cum" as I was wearing a skirt I ran my hand up to my waist and pulled down my panties and took the inside fabric of where my pussy lied and rubbed it all over his chest to collect the cum I then put my panties back on. I took of his pants that were dangling around his ankles and laid him down on his back lengthwise across the bed as I took the vibrator and ran it over his nipple then over his cockhead. His body jerked a bit as I circled over his cock head collecting the pre-cum from his dick onto the vibrator. I then lifted the vibrator to my mouth and licked it clean and then I put the vibrator in his mouth as he licked it clean.

"Alex can you, you know? Rub me down there??"

I shook my head and as I said, "NOPE! You can do that ill do you one better. One you’ll appreciate more. Here bring your legs up" as he raised his legs in the air I told him to touch himself as I rubbed the dildo all around my mouth and ran it over his asshole again. I decided to be friendly and kissed his asshole and spit all over it for the surprise as I pushed the tip of the dildo into him as he screamed

"AHHHHHHH" he shouted

"Hey quiet down mom and dad are upstairs!"
"Sorry Alex"
As I was licking him his balls got in the way and I licked those to. Not knowing what possessed me to but I placed my hand over his hand as he was jerking off and just held it as I moved the dildo in and out of him. Right as I placed my hand he came and it flew into the air and landed on his stomach and my hand. I licked it off, "Sleep good tonight Andrew because tomorrow I’m not going to basketball practice so I will see you after school!"

I let him keep the dildo in his room as I walked back upstairs and closed my room door as I undid my skirt and let it fall to the ground. I sat on my bed with no bra on just the cum soaked panties from earlier and masturbated my already wet pussy with his cum and fell asleep. The next day afterschool I ran home and rushed to the basement where my brother already was in the nude.

I ran to his room and gave him a hug and felt his boner in his pants I unzipped my dress and I was wearing nothing underneath. No bra no panties just my B cup boobs and a tight pink pussy to which his jaw dropped as he shot his cum at my leg again. I scooped it up with my hand and rubbed it on my pussy as I sat indian style on his bed I told him to pass me the dildo. I started to shove it in myself right infront of him when he suddenly grabbed it and started to push the dildo into my pussy. I rubbed my clit as he continued while jerking of his own cock. Just as I was climaxing I started squirting everywhere and my brother pulled the dildo out and charged his head to my pussy to try to drink all the fluids that were coming out of there as he put his lips to my pussy hole. I enjoyed being eaten out for the first time as his tongue swirled around and his nose started sniffing at the scent of my pussy.

"Hey do you know what you’re doing right now??"

"Yes im licking you"

"No stupid its called eating me out. That’s what your doing. You see this (I pointed at my clit) flick your tongue around that. Girls really like that"

"OHHHH YEAHHHHH, yesss sweetie, that’s the spot" I started screaming and moving my body and humping the air almost as the bed started to make noises and my naked and flat but rubbing on his sheets I started to flex my abs as I came and my brother quickly took the dildo and shoved it into me to make things even better.

"How did you know what do right there?"

"I didn’t I just thought you would like the feeling of the dildo"

I laid there silently after my climax just looking at the situation we were in, I stretched my flat long body out as I lied beside my chubby little brother, I then got up and picked up my skirt and my dildo. I started walking to the door.

"Hey Alexandra can you teach me about sex?" my little brother asked me.

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