Long Weekend

26 January 2024

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I kiss them before going back down to your pussy where I take my fist and work it inside your pussy, I start fisintg you hard and fast, I feel you tighten around my fist, than I switch to 4 fingers and finger you hard and fast working your gspot and than I stop and push on the lowre part of your stomach with one hand while working your gpsot with 2 fingers, I feel you about to cum all over my hand, go back down and shove my tongue deep inside you to taste your cum, and you squirt into my mouth and face. I wipe it off, than leave the room again. I come back and you notice candles. I lay beside you and I start to drip wax on your body, starting on your nipples, than your chest between your tits, than on your forehead, I drip a little as I make my way down your body, I get to just above your pussy, I drip some on your legs right beside your pussy and than I drip some right close to your clit, couldn't be any closer without being on it, now that your covered in hot wax, i leave, I come back once the wax has cooled and peel it off, you can see the red marks where yo uhave been burnt. I kiss those areas and lick them gently. My cock is so hard now, I slap your pussy, after changing the batteries in the vibrator in your ass. i slap it with my cock, I hit the red spot from the wax hard and make you wince, that I start to rub my hard cock all over your pussy and slap it some more, until I can see how wet it is, without even touching it, I than fast and hard shove it deep inside you, making your tits bounce and the clips pinch even more, I start fucking your dripping wet pussy hard, i put my hands around your throat and start to choke you while fucking you. I choke you right to the point of passing out and let go and slap you back awake. I do this 3 times before I feel your pussy tighten on my cock and become wetter. I swell inside your pussy and its so thick that even after fisting you I can still feel you tighten on it. I start going faster and harder as I am about to come deep inside you, I choke you once more and just before I blow deep inside you i realise your throat and slap you back as I explode deep inside you, I fuck you until its all out of me and I'm soft than I pull out and take the ball gag off and before you say anything my cock is deep in your throat and you suck it clean.

We awake next morning in bed naked and kissing, softly I whisper in your ear "I’ve been waiting for so long Tonight your body belongs to me and I’ll do as I please with it." Your eyes open wide but before you can say a word my hand is over you mouth and I’m on top of you using my other hand to pin you down. I lean in close to your face again and kiss your cheek "Oh I’m going to enjoy fucking you like my little whore" I smile and reach for the rope on the night stand, you squirm as I lean over and I quickly snap back and slap your face hard. You wince and still yourself. I look at you and tell you to be a good girl then quickly begin to tie your hands down so tight that you can’t move your arms at all. Your legs still free you kick a little and again feel a stern slap across your face. I tell me to open your mouth, you obey and do exactly as I say. I place a ball gag in your mouth and pull it tight. Then I reach for the bondage tape and begin wrapping it around your head and covering your eyes so that you can’t see at all. You are trembling and I can feel it, parts of me worry about hurting you but the stronger part of me wants to fuck you so hard you beg for mercy, and then keep on fucking you. You hear me chuckle a little as I sit back and look at my handy work. You are tied down, unable to see or speak and I know I can do anything I want to you, as do you. You feel my hands on your body a gentle touch at first but then I start to pinch your nipples hard! You buck and writhe in pain and I slap your tits and tell you to lay still or else. Then you feel something cold clamp onto your nipples and tighten, I make the clamps so tight that your breasts ache and turn red right away. I see a tear run down your cheek as you lay there shaking and unable to protest. I whisper in your ear once more "now be a good little whore and this will be over soon, but if your bad I’m going to hurt you a hell of a lot more" Your caught off guard by how harsh my voice is and how much pain you are already in. I pull out a bottle of tingling lube and pour some onto your clit as I begin to rub it around and shoot waves of pleasure through your body you start to relax and even enjoy it. I see your pleasure and immediately stop, as to torture you by taking away your pleasure. I slap your pussy hard again and again until it’s red and sore you start to kick and then you hear... " I told you to be good, now you’re going to get it" I slide a pillow under your ass to lift my pelvis and then I tie your legs tightly to the bed spread and I squirt the lube inside your pussy and shove a vibrator inside you. I sit next to you on the bed and ask you if you still want to be fucked this way? I laugh and say " not that you have a choice now" I begin to choke you until I feel you passing out and I release in time to stop you from doing so. I repeat this 3,4,5,6 times until I decide that its enough. I pull the vibrator out of your pussy and work the head of my cock into you, I begin fucking you hard, slamming as deep as I can into you, I grab a hold of you tits and pull on the clamps send waves of burning pain through your body. I can feel you tighten around me ever time I pull the clamps and so I pull hard and begin to swell inside you until I cum, filling you with my seed I continue to pump my cock into you until I am are totally soft and I slide out, I remove the ball gag and shove my cock in your mouth forcing you to lick it all up. Then I replace the ball gag and uncover your eyes. They are red and teary, I know you have been crying but I want you to see what is coming next. I pull out a second dildo and smile. "this one is for that tight little ass of yours, I wont lie to you baby its going to hurt" you squirm and shake your head, your eyes well up with tears as I cover it with lu
I return to the room a half hour later to find you still out and all tied up, I am turned on by the sight of your naked body tied down to the bed and how vulnerable you are. I quickly remove the ball gag from your mouth and shake you awake gently only for you to find my semi hard dick right at my lips, you are disoriented and confused as you wake up I shove it into your mouth and you try to pull away but realize quickly that you are still tied down and there are still 2 dildos in you. I thrust my cock deep in your throat and make you gag and choke on it, you feel me grow and harden the rest of the way deep in your throat and as I do it makes it harder for you to take my cock. I pull out and untie your feet from the bed and loosen your hand ties enough to turn you over, I pull your arms between your legs so you are face first in the pillow with your ass up in the air and both dildos still inside. I re-secure your hands and feet to the bed as you struggle to stop me, you feel a strong smack on the ass and then I reach around and tighten the clamps on your nipples again. I remove the dildo from your ass, and pour lube all over your ass hole. You are tremble knowing my cock is much thicker then the dildo and I’m not going to be gentle with you now. Sure enough I spread your ass cheeks and ram my cock inside you. You scream into the pillow and cry I pull your hair and slap your ass. " be quiet slut, or I’ll give you something to scream about" I start to pound your ass harder and harder. All you can do is lie there still and wait for me to finish. Your ass aches, it feels as if your splitting in 2. I pump harder until I explode in your ass, relieved that its over you weep into the pillow, but just as you are starting to relax and numb a little you feel me pull the dildo from your pussy. "You didn’t think I was done with you did you my little slut?" You feel me start to work your finger between the lips of your pussy and my hand is cover in lube. I start with 2 fingers and work up to 3, I can feel your pussy stretching and I know how tight you are but I am determined to push the limits so I work in a 4th finger and play with them inside you, though you are in agony from the ass fucking and your pussy being stretched to the limit you are still dripping wet and I know you want more, even if you wont admit it. I untie you quickly and lay you on your back once more before securing your hands above your head. I look you in the eyes and tell you this is going to hurt, but you’ll learn to like it. You beg me "No, please no, not tonight, I can’t take anymore" I rub your cheek and smile "it will be over soon baby" then I work your fist into your pussy and you scream. I reach up and slap your face with my other hand, then choke you until you are quiet again and I begin to work my fist in a circle motion inside of you, almost unable to pull it out of you I manage to and then slide 3 fingers back inside your pussy as I thumb rubs your clit until finally you begin to shake and your whole body tenses up, I can feel you tight and I begin to lick between your pussy lips, shoving my tongue deep inside you to taste you as you cum and squirt in my mouth, you moan and scream and grind your hips into me. I place my hands on your hips and continue to lick you until we are both exhausted and unable to move. " I told you baby, I told you it would be good" I say as I untie your hands and kiss you gently on the cheek. You can hardly move or breathe. You are still teary eyed and in pain but I rub your body gently and then carry you to the bathtub where the water is filled already waiting for you. I help you in and you soak in the tub to relax your aching body until I come back to help you out and give you a glass of wine. We lay down together and I kiss you tenderly all over again. You are clinging to my body, not wanting to let go of me. You can hardly move though and your body is exhausted from all that I have done. You look at me and smile.

Later that night...

"You know I want you too babe, I want you to do whatever you want to me"...you say as you look deep into my eyes. I smile and reply "don’t worry baby I am going to do everything I want to whether you like it or not" You’re standing with your back against my bedroom door as I kiss you feverishly and slide my hand under your shirt into your bra and begin squeezing your hard nipples. I feel you breathing get harder, I know you want me to take you. You are nervous but still so excited to see what exactly I have in store for you. You know I’ve had a long week and it’d been a long time waiting to have you here with me face to face, so you know it is going to be a little rough on you.
I pull your hands up above your head and take your shirt off, then cuff you to the door with the cuffs you failed to notice them attached on the way into my room. You smile and I smile back at you, but then quickly the smile fades as you follow my glance and see me looking at my nightstand where there are a number of toys and other things laid out. I walk toward the night stand and pick up a roll of bondage tape and a leather strap, I pause a moment looking down and then proceed to pick up a small pink vibrator. I walk back to the door where you are cuffed and place my hand on your throat with gentle pressure I begin to choke you and my grip tightens every time you gasp for air, until I am sure you cannot breathe. I release your neck and kiss it gently as I wrap the bondage tape around your eyes and mouth; leaving only your nose uncovered to breathe. "You’re in big time trouble; you have no idea the things I am going to do to your sweet little body tonight!" I say sternly and then begin to grab at your naked breast, squeezing and pinching them as hard as I can. I pinch your nipples until they look as though they might bleed at which point you feel something soft and cool on your skin. You realize quickly it is the leather strap I picked up from the night stand and you shake your head side to side but I just laugh and say " yes baby, I am going to use this on you and its going to hurt. You deserve to be punished for all this time you’ve teased me. Now your mine, my little slut and there is nothing you can do about it."

SNAP the leather hits your skin and you scream out from under the tape the best you can. SNAP, SNAP I smack your breasts with the leather strap leaving huge red welts. I stop to rub them, they sting and you flinch when I touch them. I can see tears rolling down your cheeks from the pain, strangely I am even more aroused by the site then I imagined possible. I slap your face hard and tell you deserve everything you get. You hear me shuffle about the room but you have no idea what I am doing then you feel me close to you again, me pressing my body up against you and kissing your neck. You are confused by the change in my manner the way I abuse you so hard and then kiss you so softly but quickly you are reminded that it is nowhere near over when I wrap my arms under your legs and hold you up against the door, my stiff cock pushes against your warm wet slit and I shove my cock into you hard. I begin to fuck your pussy as hard as I can until I can feel you tighten around my dick and I pull out and drop your legs to the floor and slap your face again. "did I say you could cum slut?" You shake your head no but suddenly you hear a low buzz and feel a tingle on your clit. You realize the tiny vibrator I had earlier picked up was now pressed up against your clit and I am working it in tiny circles. You begin to shake and I whisper in your ear "now you can cum my little whore, cum for me. You know you like it" You feel a surge through your body and you begin to cum hard. You shake as wave after wave as pleasure washes over you and I pull the vibrator away and insert 2 fingers into your pussy. I finger you hard and then slide in a 3rd finger. I can feel your pussy stretching around my fingers and your body is weak with both pain and intense pleasure as I force you to cum once more.

I release one hand and then another from the door cuffs and push you to your knees I rub my semi hard cock on your cheek and over the tape on your mouth. You try to stand up and move away but I throw you back to the floor hard and pin you down. "now that wasn’t very smart was it? You little whore." You squirm under me but you’re easily defeated by my strong grip and your inability to see. I choke you and slap your breast as hard as I can. You are kicking under me and I’ve had enough. I pull you to the bed and push you down bending you over. You feel me secure your hands again and spread your legs strapping them with long rope to the feet of the bed. "you know I was going to do this slowly, but now I think I am just going to fuck your tight little ass" You are shaking and crying SNAP the cold leather strap comes across your ass and you jerk forward as much as you can. SNAP, SNAP, SNAP. "Now maybe you’ll behave" I grab your hips and you fear that I am going to fuck your ass just like that but instead I burry myself into your pussy and begin to pound away as deep and hard as I can slapping your ass with my hands and pulling your hair forcing you to arch your back until finally I swell deep inside you and explode my seed "Oh, Oh fuck yes" I moan as I cum. I ride out the orgasm fucking you until my dick is soft and falls out of you. You lay there panting and praying I am done for now.

No such luck... You hear some clanging around and then feel cold steel against your ankles as I strap you into a spreader bar and then you hear more steel sliding over steel, there is a long shaft the rises up from the spreader with a dildo at the end which I have already covered in lube. Its huge and you feel me raise it so that its pressing firmly against your ass hole. You shake your head no but I just laugh and say "And what are you going to do about it" Then I raise it the rest of the way forcing the large dildo into your ass so you cannot move an inch. Your hands still bound to the bed and your legs held in place by the spreader bar you are bent over with a huge dildo in your ass still blinded and gagged. I sit down on the bed and talk to you "Now this dildo inflates so if you misbehave I will make it bigger, and I know you don’t want that getting any bigger in that tight little ass of yours so you better do as I tell you. I can do whatever I want to you now and there is nothing you can do to stop me, you understand?" You nod your head yes and I touch your cheek where the tears are running down your face. "Shh shh its not that bad, It could be so much worse. I know you are in pain but you need to learn" You are shaking and I uncover your mouth and sit in front of you. "Open your mouth and suck my cock" You do as I say immediately. Your head bobbing up and down on my long thick shaft makes the dildo move inside your ass and you pull back but I grab your head and hold you down on my cock so your nose touches my stomach. I fuck your throat and you feel me swell and as I grunt I blow a huge load right in your throat. It oozes down your throat as I force you to lick my cock clean and then get up and recover your mouth with tape. "good girl" I begin to lower the rod holding the dildo in your ass and slide it out slowly. Your breathing slows and I kiss the small of my back but do not release you from the spreader bars or untie your hands. I simply begin to smack your ass again with the leather strap. SNAP, SNAP, SNAP and then nothing. I leave the room and you are left bent over the bed.

I return a few minutes later and release you from the spreader bars "I am going to undo your hands now, if you try to struggle I make you pay for it" then I release your hands and lay you on your back. You are red all over and your whole body is aching. I climb on top of you and begin to fuck your pussy hard once more until you are dripping wet and then without warning I pull out and ram my cock into your ass. You jerk away and I hold you down. "No struggling or else, I mean it!" I pump my cock into your ass and play with your clit then reach up and begin to choke you once more until I start to cum in your ass and as I do I tighten my grip so that you cannot breathe at all until I finish. You lie there breathing hard and I uncover your mouth to allow you to breathe better. I am now completely spent as I have cum in you over and over and you are lying weak on the bed still not wanting to move. I remove the tape from your eyes and see they are red and puffy from crying. I kiss your forehead softly and say "I’m all done for now" You sigh relieved to know you are getting a break for now. I pick you up gently and carry you to the shower, we shower together and you lean into me most of the time unable to really stand on you own. I hold you close to me and kiss you tenderly as the water washes over your very sore body. You are weak and in pain but you want to feel me close to you. You want to be held by the man who just fucked you so incredibly hard that you can still hardly believe it. We finish up in the shower and I wrap a towel around you, gently patting you dry and kissing you all over as I do. You smile again and I pick you up and carry you back to the bed. I lie next to you on the bed and begin to kiss you passionately until we are making out and touch each other all over. You climb on top of me and take my hard cock in your pussy, You ride me slowly as we continue to kiss. Never having felt so much intense passion for someone, you climax again and collapse into my chest where you lay on me listening to my hear beat and I slowly continue to work you back and forth on my cock while I kiss your shoulders and neck softly. Finally I reach orgasm one more time and gush inside you.

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