How To Make A Minecraft Server

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20 August 2022

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Although Minecraft has seen a lot of changes since its inception, one thing has remained constant: It's still fun to create worlds with family and friends. Players can easily create their own persistent worlds, with enough space for others to join and create.

Minecraft Realms You are the host! Craftbukkit

Additional paid server options

Whether you're hosting a server for a few friends or launching a massive effort to recreate your favorite TV show's world, there are several different options for hosting a Minecraft server. These are just a few of the ways you can create your Minecraft multiplayer oasis. And if you don't already have the game, here's how to get Minecraft for free.

Minecraft Realms

Mojang discontinued Minecraft Realms in December 2019. It was a single-subscription service that allowed one player to host a world on a cloud-based server. It is now replaced by two subscription models: Realms Plus for all editions of Minecraft Marketplace (mobile and Windows 10 Xbox One) and the rebranded Realms for Minecraft: Java Edition.

Here are the details:

Realms Plus is the best choice for gamers on mobile, console and Windows 10. It offers simple and cheap hosting. It is a quick and easy way to create and manage persistent Minecraft worlds without having any hosting knowledge. Realms Plus subscribers are renting space on a Microsoft Azure cloud server. This means that you have less freedom if you choose Mojang hosting.

There are more than 50 Marketplace products and new content added every month. You will always find something beyond your Realm. Your world and add-ons are stored securely in the cloud, so your friends are free to hop into the world even if you aren't available.

Here's how to create a Minecraft Realms Plus world:

Step 2: Select Create a New.

Step 3: Choose Create a New World.

Step 4: Configure your world.

Step 5: Select Create on Realms.

Step 6: Choose between a 10-player and a two-player Realm.

Step 7 - Set up Realms Plus.

You can modify the Realm using the following:

Step 2 - Select the Pencil icon right next to the Realm.

Step 3 - Select Game to rename your world, change its difficulty, change its mode, and activate cheats.

Step 4: Select the members you wish to add friends to, send a join request and change your user status. Users can choose to be a Member, Visitor, or Operator for the latter.

Step 5: Select Resource Packs and/or Behavior Packs to enable and disable add-ons.

Be the host!

If you don't wish to subscribe, you can still share the world with your friends by setting up a PC as a host.

Mobile, console and Windows 10

For the mobile, console, and Windows 10 versions of Minecraft, multiplayer is enabled by default when creating a new world. If multiplayer was initially disabled but you want to play with other friends, here are the steps to turn it back on.

Step 1: Choose Play.

Step 2: Next to your world, select the Pencil icon.

Step 3: Choose Multiplayer from the left.

Step 4: Next to Multiplayer Game, select the Toggle.

Step 5 - Select the Toggle to Visible for Local Multiplayer Support.

This Minecraft version supports Xbox Live, so you can play with any person logged in to their Microsoft Account. You can also adjust the multiplayer settings to invite only, allow only friends to join, or allow friends of your friends to join.

Minecraft: Java Edition - LAN play

Playing multiplayer on this version isn't quite so cut and dry. You can host a world on a local network using the integrated multiplayer component. Mojang's standalone software server software is required to host online multiplayer.

Here's how to enable Minecraft multiplayer: Java Edition

Step 1: Select Singleplayer.

Step 2: Open an existing or create a new world.

Step 3: Press the Esc key.

Step 4: Select Open To LAN from the menu.

Step 5: Select the game mode and enable or disable cheats. Next, select Start LAN World.

Multiplayer is now available to other players on the network. For a multiplayer Minecraft server to work, you will need a reliable PC. The game renders the world on your screen and also sends it to all other players. This can be quite taxing on computers with low hardware specs.

Minecraft: Java Edition - online play

Mojang offers three options if you prefer to create a dedicated web server:

Minecraft: Java Edition Server Windows Server Software (alpha). Ubuntu Server Software For Ubuntu

We'll use Java Edition for Windows. Before we start, please ensure you have the most current Java version installed on your PC.

Step 1 - Download the Server.jar file to Mojang to a folder that you can use to extract files.

Step 2 - Right-click on Server.jar to extract a few files.

Step 3: Open your EULA file and change the eula=false lin to eula=true. Save the file. The server won't run without agreeing to the terms.

Step 4: Right-click the Server.jar file, and choose Open from the pop-up menu. Additional files will extract to your folder as the Minecraft Server window appears on the screen.

Step 5 - To modify the world's property, right-click the folder and select Open With in the pop-up menu. Followed by Notepad

With this file open, you can change the maximum number of players, the game mode, enable player-versus-player, set the maximum world size, and more. Restart the server if you made any changes while it's running.

With the server portion configured, you need to create a direct path.

Minecraft: Java Edition - enable remote play

You will need to know your public-facing IP addresses assigned to your modem and the IP addresses of the local computers running your server in order for remote gamers can connect to your server. To prevent the address from changing, we recommend you enter the router and assign a static IP to your computer.

Port forwarding is also necessary to ensure that Minecraft packets know where to go. Again, the ideal scenario is to assign a static IP address to the server PC. Minecraft requires port 25565.

The path will look like this: Incoming > Modem > Router > Static IP Address via port 25565

Here are a few guides to help you along:

How to find your IP address. How to port forward. How to change your IP adress

How to launch Java Edition

Instead of right-clicking on sever.jar to launch the server's file, we can create BAT files and insert modified commands to make it run more smoothly.

Step 1 - Right-click the folder and select New. Next, choose Text Document from pop-up menus.

Step 2: Rename the file so you can recognize it later.

Step 3 : Open the file and type the following: java-Xmx1024M.-Xms1024M.-jar server.jar

The server will allocate memory using the first two numbers, while "pause", keeps the server window open.

Step 4: Save your file and rename the extension to ".bat". This is short for batch file.

Step 5: Double-click the new BAT file to launch the server.

Connect to the server, and create a whole new world

It is not a good idea for Minecraft to be run on the same server as your server. This will lead to a slow experience for everyone. If possible, you should run Minecraft on a different computer.

Step 1: Choose Multiplayer.

Step 2: Click the box next to Don't Show This Screen Again and then click Proceed if you are being nag about multiplayer.

Step 3: Select Add Server.

Step 4 - Enter the server name.

Step 5: To allow remote users, enter the public-facing adress assigned to your modem along with the port. For example, the IP address would be something like

For local network play, enter the server PC's network address. The port is not necessary.

Step 6 - Select Done to close.


Craftbukkit uses Mojang's vanilla Minecraft server software. The Java Edition can run Bukkit plugins. It works just like Mojang’s version: Extract files, agree to the EULA. Modify the File, create the universe, and so forth. Follow the instructions or consult the Bukkit Wiki. You should note that the BAT command should be read as follows: java-Xms1024M–Xmx1024M–jar craftbukkit.jar–o true pause

Bukkit maintains a forum of user-created plugins designed specifically for Craftbukkit, providing a solution for managing the effects of many plugins together in-game, without causing conflicts or reducing performance. There are 17 categories in all, including admin tools, chat-related tools, role-playing elements, world generators, and so much more.

To use a plugin, the JAR file(s) must be placed in a specific directory. Mojang's server software does not allow you to extract the craftbukkit.jar file and create a plugins directory. This is where all plugins should be placed. The server must be restarted every time a plugin is added.

Connecting to a Bukkit server is similar to connecting to a standard server - clients do not need to install the mods running host-side. Ideally, you would run Bukkit or the regular Minecraft server software on a second PC to cut down on latency.

Additional paid server options

Other third-party, subscription-based, and free options are available if you'd rather not take the Realms route.

There are many benefits to using a third-party server, including easy setup, consistent access, and technical support. There are many paid services that are available, but they are often more expensive than the free ones. Prices start at $5 per month on the Minecraft forums, with higher rates for extra server software or for more connections.

While setting up your own server is not easy and can require some networking knowledge to be successful, most paid services that are specifically designed for Minecraft automate the process. Most of the time, it is as easy to select the number and type of players, then hit go. Web interfaces make it easy to configure and restart the server. Dhaka's blog They deal with parameters and configuration files in a more robust way than users would if they were simply editing the files.

Hosting companies implement some systems such as Multicraft (pictured above) to allow users limited access to their servers' controls while leaving some configuration decisions up to the host.

The administration page for the server will list the port and IP addresses, making it easy to join the game. A server like this allows players to ban other users and reboot it when necessary.

Any service that has servers with a reasonable amount of RAM can be used with Minecraft or Craftbukkit when an FTP client uploads with it. These servers are perfect for custom DIY solutions. You can get an acceptable server from Amazon or other online retailers at reasonable prices or pay a little more to increase the memory for smoother gameplay.

If you need to have freedom with settings and files and don't mind going without web-based control software, this type of setup will do the trick. You will have more control over the settings of the games by using your server.

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