The Rape of Maya chapter 4

Author: 4a561a0b63

13 October 2021

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As he quickened his pace, the car started rocking. I felt my massive orgasm building and dug my nails into his hard black ass. I was getting closer and closer and begged him not to stop, to keep fucking me hard. Then I finally came hard and loud, shaking and moaning like an animal. I was just calming down when I realized he had started to pump again, harder and harder. He was swearing as he fucked me and then he came inside me - flooding me to overflowing with his wonderful seed while his cock bottomed out, spurting right at my cervix. I came again and he ground to a halt. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Here in the past she has staged a huge gang rape scene, this where Maya and the others will be brutally and horribly gang raped by “M's” big black slave handlers as well as other well endowed Black and Indian males, well over a dozen of them!

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