How i became a cock-addict

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06 December 2021

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I used to spend alot of time with my gramps. He and i were more like buddies, we hung out alot. I was 16 at the time and i would spend my weekends at Grandpa Joes lodge. He lived alone. He was in his 60s. He was really tall and was fit for his age. His whole body was hairy. You could call him the perfect silver daddy. I on the other hand was a bit on the healthy side. I was not fat but i had big ass. My body was smooth and hairless.

Now coming to the part where everything changed. I was hanging out at Joes lodge. He and i were fishing. After fishing we were really tired and sweating. I immediately stripped down and went to take a shower. It was something i had never done and it did shock Joe. He had not seen me naked and watching me run towards the shower with my bubble butt jiggling. It definitely made him hard but i had no sexual intention but since he was my gramps i was comfortable stripping down infront of him.

Joe followed me towards the shower. He knocked before coming in and asked if he could join in. I didnt mind it so i agreed. He stripped infront of me and it was my first time watching him naked. Infact it was the first time i saw anyone naked. When he dropped his pants his 7 inch cock was rock hard and i never thought it would be this big. He entered the shower and helped me soap up my back. He went down to my ass spent a handful amount of time on my ass. He was feeling me up. Then it was my turn to soap him up. I soaped him up but he wasnt satisfied he said i didnt wash him penis correctly. I applied soap on his cock and he asked me to rub it more. I kept rubbing and he was enjoying it. After 5 mins he removed my hands and aimed his cock towards the wall shooting loads of cum. It was my first time experiencing it. He washed his cock and left the shower. I soon followed but this whole new experience kept coming to my head.

Later at night i was sleeping and i woke up to a touch. It was Joe, he was slowly pulling my trousers down. I didnt stop him i was curious to what he is going to do. After pulling my trousers down he spread my legs apart and touched my cock. He was stroking my flaccid cock and soon i got hard. I was enjoying it and soon realized why gramps made me jerk him in the shower. Joe then went down and started sucking my cock. Oh damn i never felt this good in my life. He was sucking me and rubbing his finger around my hole. He licked his finger and started pushing it inside while he was sucking me. I felt a pinching pain but i tolerated it since i didnt want him to know iwas awake.

Joe finger was soon deep inside me and he started moving it in and out. The pleasure i felt i cannot even express. He did this for max 10 mins before i couldnt handle it much and shot my load in his mouth. He licked me clean, put my trousers up and left the room. Ever since that night, everytime i stayed at Joe's he would come to my room, he would finger me and suck me. I enjoyed it alot infact i continued to finger my hole at home. As time passed Joe was now shoving 3 fingers in my hole loosening it before he could put his cock inside. I think he still thought i was sleeping since everyone in the family knew i was deep sleeper.

One night i was at Joe's. I was waiting for when he would come and soon he came. He got on the bed and pulled my shorts down. But tonight he didnt suck me off, i felt his tongue on my hole. He licked my hole good. Then i felt something thick and hard. I was sure what it was. He placed his cock on my hole and slowly started pushing it inside. As soon as the tip went inside i felt pain, but Joe had been loosening my hole for a long time. He slowly started entering me. Slowly more and more of his cock went inside and i felt a feeling i never did with his fingers. He was balls deep inside me and kept his cock there letting me adjust. He grabbed my waist and slowly started moving. His cock was going in and out.

I was rock hard and enjoying it while pretending to be asleep. Joe grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I couldnt hold it anymore and shot a huge load. Joe followed soon after shooting his load in my ass. Like everytime he pulled my shorts up and left. But he gave me an experience which ill never forget. Ever since then i would spend as much nights at his place i could just so he could fuck me. Every night he would breed me. I soon discovered porn and found out about a whole new world. I even bought sex toys and would enjoy myself imaging Joe fucking me.

Joe took advantage of me for 8-9 months. After that he stopped doing it, no matter how much i tried to seduce him. I was getting really horny for cock. I ended up using dating sites to hook up with men. But we only met for blowjobs since i didnt have a place to accommodate and most of them didnt accomodate. I wanted more and not just one cock. I started fantasising getting fucked by more cocks. I would mostly watch gangbang porn and wanted to try it.

I was also grooming myself to become a perfect cock slut. I had a nice silky body and my ass also grew bigger. When i was 19 i moved out and found a really nice place. Now i was ready to try out my fantasies. There was this black guy who wanted to meet me but i had no place to accommodate him. He was a tall guy and told me had a 9 inch cock. I contacted him again and asked him if he could bring a few more guys with him. We talked and after a week he told me that he had asked a few of his buddies to join but he wanted to fuck me before them. I called him to my place.

When i met him he was way taller than me. As soon as he entered he grabbed my ass and gave a nice spank. I locked the door and he pinned me against the wall kissing my neck and then kissing me. He took my shirt off and then put his hand in my shorts gabbing my ass. I guided him to the bedroom and he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. He threw me on the bed and pulled my shorts down. I was on the bed naked and he took his shirt off exposing his rock hard abs. Then he ordered me to unbuckle his pants and i did that.

I pulled his pants down and then his boxers. Exposing his monster cock, it was the size of my arm. I started to think i might not be able to take it but at that time it was too late. I grabbed his cock and started sucking it like a maniac. I sucked it for a good 20 mins and he was completely hard. I applied loads of lube on my hole and his cock. I was on all fours and then he was ready to give me my first ever BBC. He placed his monster on my hole and slowly pushed it inside. He entered me slowly and this time it was hurting alot. I had never taken a cock this big. Slowly and gradually and after enduring pain he was balls deep inside me. He pulled his cock out till the tip and gave a hard thrust. I couldnt help but scream in pain. He kept on doing it and soon the pain was gone.

Now he was pounding me hard like really hard. He was also spanking my ass and it had turned red. After 30 mins of pounding i experienced my first orgasm. He turned me around into missionary and kissed me while pounding me. He fucked for 30 more mins and then filled my hole with his seed. He pulled his cock out and my hole was gaping. All his cum was leaking out of my gaping hole. He told me now he can call his friends. I asked him i wanted to be abused like a bitch to which he laughed and said will i be able to handle. Very confidently i said yes.

Before his friends arrived, i asked him to tie me up. When his friends arrived there were 6 of them. He brought them to my room where i was tried up to the bed and a o type gag making my mouth open. They all stripped down and each of them had a monster cocks. The first guy came and started fucking me and another was fucking my mouth. It was then he told them i wanted to be abused and there was no need to be gentle. The guy in my mouth forced his cock down my throat and started fucking it. I couldnt handle i choked, gagged and even puked but he kept on fucking my throat. The rest kept switching placed and fucking my ass. They were also spanking me and my hole body was in pain.

The first guy unloaded his load deep down my throat and it was then i realised i made a mistake telling them to go rough. I couldnt breathe. He pulled his cock out and i took a breather. Another one shoved his cock in my mouth. I was being fucked one after the other. I was used as a cumdump for hours. I dont know how many loads i took in my mouth and ass and how many time i came myself. After they were done, they untied me, my whole body was in pain. They soon left and i couldnt even get up to lock the door. I ended up passing out of exhaustion but this was a great experience. After that i tried to complete all my fantasies.


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