Minecraft Gets Lightyear DLC

Expires in 7 months

18 July 2022

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Disney's new Lightyear movie came to Minecraft this week thanks to some fresh DLC that's now available within the blocky game's marketplace. prestalive.com comes with a couple of missions guiding players through the story of Buzz Lightyear as well as vehicles and character skins that'll look familiar to players after they've seen the new film. This new DLC is out now for the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition of the game, though it's not currently available on every platform that Bedrock is.

A total of five story missions are included in this Lightyear DLC that's now out in the Minecraft Marketplace for players to purchase. It goes for 1,340 Minecraft Coins, according to the listing, which will run you a max of $9.99 assuming you have no Minecraft Coins right now and need to top off your wallet.

In addition to the trailer below, a preview of the Minecraft DLC was shared in the announcement post to give players an idea of what's included.

"In the Lightyear DLC, you get to play through Buzz's origin story and help him navigate an alien planet after an unfortunate crash landing," a preview of the new Lightyear crossover said. "You can play through five missions as this Academy-trained hero, including a hostile jungle, a swamp, and a mine, as well as various alien settlements. Throughout each mission, you have to navigate the terrain while fighting enemies and several bosses using various gadgets. Between missions, you get to fly different aircraft and must avoid obstacles to safely get to your next objective."

In addition to that content, Mojang said the new Lightyear DLC also comes with a Lightyear-themed Character Creator item players will find in their inventories.

While this Lightyear DLC is only available within the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, it's not out on the Nintendo Switch. Mojang attributed this problem "to a recent battle with Emperor Zurg," but no real reason for the DLC's absence was provided. The post did say that the Lightyear DLC will come to the Nintendo Switch platform soon, however, so those on that platform will get their Lightyear crossover soon enough.

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