The Power To Create Miracles

08 August 2023

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Would you like to create your own miracles? What if I told you that your mind is so magnetically powerful that you have the power to attract whatever you passionately desire to yourself. Is that a new thought for you? It is becoming known to science that man has a magnetic power which he can control. It is by controlling and directing this mental magnetism which each of us possess that we cause miraculous changes in our life.

So then,Guest Posting the focus here is a course in miracles how to control the power to create your own miracles. This power of attraction you possess is the essence of you, in other words, the mind, heart and soul of you. Once you become fully aware of this marvellous power within you, you can indeed perform miracles. Used wisely can this magnificent power can empower you to gain abundant personal success. Whether you realize it or not, you use this power every day..

Whenever you think & imagine something, want it with all your heart, realize it can be obtained and believe without a doubt that you will attain it, you are putting into practice the laws of mental magnetism. The subconscious mind exists solely to receive your mental impulses (thoughts) and generate conscious personal experiences. Via your subconscious mind your thoughts and yearnings become a reality.

In order to attract beneficial experiences you need to be mindful of what you feed the your subconscious by way of your thoughts and imaginings. In reality “you are the substance of your thoughts and imaginings”. Our experiences are a direct result of the mental responses that we send our subconscious. If you are wondering why certain experiences seem to come your way, ask yourself, “what do I mentally contemplate”? Give conscientious attention to what you want for yourself? Are your thoughts in harmony with those desires?

Are you able to envision yourself already having accomplished those dreams? Meditate on what it is you want to attract into your life. Perhaps you want more money, or to start you own business. A better relationship with your mate might be your goal. You might want to retire early, buy a new home and so forth.

Whatever it is that you desire, invoke a clear and vivid mental picture in your conscious mind and make a determination to attract it to you. You must want this thing so fervently that it becomes all consuming. Experience the joy and emotions that accomplishment of the desire would bring you.