Mama LoLo Gets My Big Black Cock Over for a Quickie._(2)

Author: 500e4277f9

13 October 2021

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John I want you to fuck the shit out my dirty little pussy.” Anna said with a wild look in her eyes. Like a cougar finding the perfect pray. “I don’t think a can make you cum…..(she had a sad look on her face) but I will fuck the living shit out of it.” She pulled me in for another hot kiss and said “John I know away how we can both can feel good. Do you want to try?” What is it exactly?” She the whispered in my ear. “ A.N.A.L” 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Then all of a sudden I was snapped back into present reality, when my iPhone rang loudly. My caller id read from Catherine. I hesitated to leave the musty aroma of Mama LoLo’s luscious azz, but I pulled my mouth and face away from Mama LoLo’s big azz long enough to compose myself and answer the call. Catherine said she’d be at Mama LoLo’s house in less than 5 minutes. She asked was I there yet. “Ummm yeh babes I just pulled up see you soon.” I hung up on Catherine in a frantic panic trying to get myself together and cleaned up, as Mama LoLo was basking in our just-ended sexual romp. “What the hell are you doing Mama LoLo? Do you want Catherine to catch us together like this? “Fuck your Mama LoLo baby! All my Whore holes- mouth, cunt, and big Fucking azz shall belong to you my manly Black Bull Stud. Fuck Cathy! Fuck me now! Use my hungry neglected Whore holes like you crave to fucking do!” “What the hell? Soon I’m fully yours Mama LoLo. But for now spray the damn febreeze in the air your slutty Whore and open the fucking windows so your daughter doesn’t suspect anything between us. I’m going to the bathroom to quick change my sweaty shirt and straighten up my clothes.” Mama LoLo just sauntered with a grin on her face awaiting her daughter’s soon arrival still dressed in her man-getting cum-hither lingerie and mules. MaMa LoLo deep inside wanted us to get caught hoping to cause drama between and her daughter, but her motherly instinct kicked-in and she obeyed me this time. Parking her Jaguar by the curb Catherine hurriedly enters Mama LoLo’s house to see her mother flaunting her body about. Just then I exit the bathrooam saying “Baby, I’m so glad to see you!” .. calming my shallow breathing back to normal..

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