The Ten of Them. Chapter 30

20 May 2023

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Kara weeps, and Ron moves to her still holding Cindy. Cindy leans toward Kara with her arms outstretched and Ron passes Cindy to Kara. Cindy says, "Momma I did not mean to hurt you please do not cry."

Kara caresses Cindy and says, "It is okay baby, it is just that I miss your Mom so much. I miss her every day."

Cindy holds to Kara and says, "I love you Mama, Mommy did too. She knew you would save us. You and uncle JJ had saved Mommy it was her turn to help. She knew she was too sick and would die, she said by saving us her life meant something. She told me that just before she left us."

Ron says, "I know how you feel Kara, there is people that I miss every day, friends that I will never get to see again, friends who have saved my life. I live to honor their sacrifice. It does not stop me from missing them, but I know they would not want me to be sad all the time."

Kara draws a deep breath releases it slowly and says, "It is just that every time they call me a hero I see her face as she was shot. She smiled, and then she coughed up blood. I knew she was hurt so bad, there was nothing I could do."

Cindy says, "Mommy was very happy that she is able to save you and me. She knew you were the only one who is going to stop him from hurting me, and Aunt Karen and Daddy. She was happy to give you the chance." Cindy sobs and to her Mama’s shoulder. Kara begins trying to comfort Cindy even as she still sobs.

Most of the family try to comfort both Kara and Cindy. Ron finally says, "Maybe we should get a plaque made for the other hero that day, Sylvia should be awarded and give our highest praise, her action saved as many lives."

I realize now that is what has bothered Kara all along, called a hero when the person who saved you died doing it was totally forgotten. That her friend happily gave up her life so she could live as a hero made the loss all the greater. The anger at the loss of her friend only magnified when her friend’s sacrifice ignored by those who called her hero.

Kara once under a little more control says, "That is exactly right, without her, without Sylvia I would not be here."

Daniel after kissing his wife says, "I am so grateful to her, she saved you, she saved all of us. I want to name our daughter Sylvia. Is that all right with you, Love?"

Kara wraps herself around Daniel, squeezing poor Cindy in between them. They hold her for a second or two, before moving apart enough for Cindy to giggle. Cindy exclaims, "I like being squeezed like that."

Sam says, "It is not bad until you cannot breathe."

Cindy looks up into Kara’s face laughing she says, "I think Sylvia likes her name, is she jumping?"

Kara says, "I think they both like their names, I want to name your son Daniel Junior. Is that okay with you my Love?" Cindy gets a second squeeze as they kiss. Not so long to cause Cindy suffocating, when they part Cindy giggles again.

Cindy hugs Kara’s abdomen that holds her twins and says brightly to her yet to be born brother and sister, "Just wait to you guys get out here and I can play with you Sylvia and DJ. We are going to have so much fun."

Kara puts her hands on either side of Cindy and remarks, "I think they like that idea, they seem to really jump for joy."

It could be that their favorite playmate was just being born. The Doctor called Ron into the delivery room, after he was finished dressed in operating room protective wear he ushered into the delivery room. Now it was my turn to walk with the two girls nervously. Amanda needed nursed, and Kathryn had gone to the ladies room, along with Kara and Cindy.

Ron exited the delivery room with a bright smile, the Doctor had Ron cut the umbilical cord, something Reese had requested. Smiling he says, "I have a son. Robert John Davis is 8 lbs. 1 oz. has all ten fingers and ten toes, he is absolutely perfect."

His father-in-law Robert smiles had the baby’s name stepping forward he pulls Ron into a hug. Ron has is bewildered look for a moment and says, "I never knew how much the human heart could love until now. It is a wonderful feeling."

The rest of the fathers chuckle and simultaneously say, "Yes it is."

We look around the room at each other, and then burst out laughing at ourselves. Ron gets handshakes and hugs as family members congratulate him. The baby brought to the observation window, wrapped in a blue blanket and placed in a bassinet. Reese will be going back to one of the rooms shortly, and Robert John will join her there.

Kara heard the commotion and sent Cindy to find out what is going on. Ron scoops her up and says, you have a new baby cousin Robert John Davis. Cindy hugs him gives him a big kiss and Ron sets her down, she rapidly disappears into the bathroom. Only a second later Kara is on her way to Ron to congratulate him. A few moments later Kathryn hands me Amanda, and she goes to run giving him a hug and congratulate him.

Amanda on my shoulder burps loudly. Wiggles a bit, and then drapes herself against my shoulder, as I gently rub circles across her back. The baby is asleep in moments. Ron chuckle softly and asks, "Can you teach me how to do that?"

I shake my head yes, although I feel Ron probably already knows it is just that he is a bit insecure, just as I felt on the day Amanda was born. Daniel has the same look, and I give him a nod as well.

Charles chuckles and says, "It looks like these young men forgot we gone through this too."

I chuckle and say, "No I have not, I am planning on asking you and Dad to help me with Ron and Daniel."

George chuckles, "While you are at it, I will need a refresher course too."

Several of our wife’s giggle, Kathryn says, "I bet they do not make it through the afternoon."

I step close to my wife, I am unable to let go of Amanda at this moment so I make the best contact I can allowing my hip to push against her gently. Mentally I ask, (can you hear me?)

Kathryn giggles in her mind, (yes, what did you have on your mind?)

Mentally I ask (what is the bet for?)

Kathryn flashes a mental image of me licking her, and then she is in a doggy style position as I pleasure her repeatedly.

With a mental chuckle I flash an image, of Kathryn given me a blowjob, followed by her on top writing me until I have another orgasm. Mentally I say, (That is what I want if I win.)

Kathryn giggles, looking up at me she thinks, (I do not think I will lose either way.)

I kiss Kathryn to seal the bet.

They only let a few family members at a time to visit Reese when she is in her room. When I finally do get to visit, Reese is nursing Robert John. Although she cannot jump up and give me a kiss, I see the joy in her eyes at my presence.

I smile is a grinning Ron as Robert John holds to his little finger, the baby’s hand barely wrapped around his father’s pinky. Smiling I say, "Take lots of pictures, they grow so fast during these months. Amanda’s hand are ready can go around two fingers."

Chuckling Ron says, "I know, thanks for letting me hold my goddaughter. JJ, would you be willing to be Robert John’s godfather?"

In a soft voice not to disturb the baby I say excitedly, "I would love to be."

Reese smiles and says, "It settled then, you and Kathryn are to be the godparents. In three days we will have a christening."

The next three days went by exceedingly fast, I swear I let Amanda down on the floor and she moved when I was not looking. I am not sure if she was crawling, scooted, or rolled and set backup but she definitely was not in the same location I set her down. That was the first time, and I missed it. I was determined not to miss the next time Amanda moved on her own. At three months that is rather fast for a baby to begin to move, but not unheard of happening.

I know she has already started to roll when in her crib, that something we even have video of Amanda rolling around the crib. We have to be very careful, we cannot leave her on the bed, or a couch without someone there for fear she will roll off.

Robert’s christening goes well, and Kathryn and I do our parts as godparents. The entire family is there, including Rick Denton, he had us dropped the major because he is retired now.

Then we all went to lunch afterwards at Bobby’s and Mary’s restaurant now gets crowded every time the family shows up. I notice a new item on the menu, Alyssa’s meatloaf, apparently Alyssa and Mary exchange recipes. I just have to order that, it is excellent like most of Mary’s cooking, but I still swear Alyssa’s meatloaf is better.

Leave a two hundred dollar tip for Debs after the end of the meal. I pay the check before we head home.

Kathryn runs the class for that afternoon as I take care of Amanda. Cindy, Sam and Crystal are working on their home school, they should just be finishing third grade shortly. The Coaches judging their physical education portion, Amanda sitting on my lap watching the girls swim, Crystal and Sam barely trail Cindy as they race through twenty-five laps.

Sam is taking her time; I think she has giving Cindy the win. It is not that Sam pities Cindy is that she loves her and wants her to feel better. Losing a race occasionally is not a bad thing if you push your opponent to their limit, making them search for new strength within themselves. Sam is not exactly swimming at the top of her game, and Dad knows it, the smile he gives me tells me he and Sam are working together. Cindy’s victory will be a very close one, she and Crystal are neck and neck and Sam is only a tenth of a second behind, I notice Crystal messes up on the last flip turn, giving Cindy the lead. Sam purposely missed the last flip turn to turning too early.

Cindy wins with the second faster than Sam, and eight tenths of a second faster than Crystal. She beams went handed the first place trophy of the three small trophies Dad had gotten them. Some kids would tease the others for losing, but I think Cindy had been there herself. She hugs Sam and Crystal. She gets a hug from her grandfather as well.

Crystal runs off the show her second-place trophy to her Mom. Has Sam comes and sets on my lap as Amanda sleeps in her stroller. I ask, "You not feeling well today?"

She looks into my face and asks, "Daddy is it wrong that I did not swim as fast as I could?"

I smile and hug her and I say, "Sometimes winning means you come in last place. You made Cindy and Crystal work hard, and you gave them an incentive to keep on working. If you won every single time, do you think they would keep racing you? I am not even sure they would even try after a while. This way you can beat them in the rematch, just do not do it too badly."

Sam giggles and says, "Daddy you want to race?"

I smile and say, "Okay, but tomorrow morning. That way you can tell the girls you think you are having an off day. You know I do not mind losing to you. I am very proud each and every time you have to work hard to win."

Sam looks at me suspiciously and ask, "Daddy did you ever let me win?"

I smile at Sam and say, "Maybe once or twice when you just started, but I have not let you win in six months. Now you know what I meant, I made you work hard so you never had it easy. Now, I could not win a race with you if you gave me a full lap head start."

Sam smiles and says, "Oh, I see winning is fun, because it was fun I worked harder. You think Cindy and Crystal are going to work harder?"

Giving her a kiss on the forehead I say, "I think they feel good about themselves now, sometimes they need that, sometimes you need that. I know you can help them do better. Do you think your sister will love you for it?"

Sam gives me a giggle and says, "Crystal and Cindy love me now, but I think they know I kept missing the flip turns."

Petting on her I say, "You can always tell them that you are having an off day, when you miss the first you try too hard and kept missing them afterwards. That happens to many people. Sometimes when you try, too hard you will make more mistakes. That is part of life, to learn to deal with the mistakes."

Sam asks, "If I did not lose on purpose would you still be proud of me?"

Pulling Sam back to my chest I say, "Win or lose Sam I will always be proud to be your Dad. I cannot waterski, are you still proud of me?"

Sam giggles and looks at me she says, "I am still proud of you Daddy. Even if you really funny when you try to waterski."

I tell Sam, "Nobody’s perfect at everything, nobody is perfect every day even at things they are good at. It does not mean if you have a bad day I will stop being proud of you. I will let you in on a little secret, you swim faster than most ten-year-olds, and Cindy and Crystal do too. If the three if you keep swimming and keep getting better, it would not surprise me to see the three if you on the US Olympic team. However that will be when you get old, like fourteen or sixteen years old."

Sam giggles and says, "Mommy’s only fourteen. She is not old, silly Daddy."

I said, "You are only four and five sixth. Sometimes I swear, your ten years older than that, if I close my eyes, you could fool me."

Sam giggles, gives me a big hug and a quick peck before she runs off. I am not sure if she had a bad day, or just a bad meet, or she threw the match at her grandfather’s request. I do not really care, I love her and still proud to be her Daddy. That is what I want her to know.

I remember seeing Sam watching a commercial, her Crystal and Cindy pointed they laughed at the commercial; two girls were riding in an electric toy car. I am sure that something that the girls would love. I should talk to Kara and Daniel. I would love to get one for Sam and Crystal but would not want Cindy and Anna or Rosie to feel left out of the fun. The five girls hang out at the Playhouse all the time together; they should be leaving shortly to spend time together. It is usually this time in the afternoon, unless Anna is in town. That reminds me, it is my turn to make cookies for the girls.

The three girls come in; Sam and Crystal are dressed in their play clothes, just an older pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I asked the girls what type of cookies they want, Sam and Crystal look at each other before Crystal says, "Chocolate, chocolate chip they are Cindy’s favorite."

Cindy’s eyes light up and she hugs Crystal then Sam. The three giggle, as they get the mixing bowl and start bringing me the ingredients. If they want cookies, they get to help make them. I do not want my girls to be helpless, having someone else do everything for them.

I do not think that is a good way to live, being very dependent on someone else to do the simplest things for you. Everyone in the family could afford to have that lifestyle, we just choose not to. I am sure if we ran across someone desperately in need of a job we could put them to work. However, I still would insist that the girls do something, help in some manner like rinsing the dishes and loading the dishwasher. You never know, money may not last forever.

I am glad Kathryn has the recipe, and it is not too difficult. The girls are used to helping. They do not try to do the dangerous things. They do love to stir the cookies, although I do use the mixer when needed. Amanda begins to cry, I shudder realize she is hungry. I warm a bottle for her, even though she tries she cannot hold her own bottle yet, but give her a couple more weeks. Fortunately, the cookies are at a step, where the girls could handle their preparation for now.

Kathryn comes into the kitchen, glances around and sees me feeding Amanda as I watch the girls. They are putting the dough onto cookie sheets, not very evenly but it is there cookies. It is something they can experiment with the process of making cookies.

Kathryn sits down beside me, puts her hand over my neck as she leans into me. I hear her inner voice question me, (You got everything under control? I mean, if you need any help I am always here.)

I chuckle in my mind, my inner voice says to Kathryn, (you just trying to win the bet. The truth of the matter is right now, I would not mind letting you. Just so, I can pay up, but it is my day to be with the girls.)

Sam giggles and says, "Mommy and Daddy are thinking to each other again."

The three girls giggle, and Sam says, "We can tell by the way you look at each other."

I smile and say, "You know I can tell certain things about you three. Like if, you are hungry, and what you would want to eat sometimes. Like right now, Sam and Crystal wants grilled cheese, but Cindy you would rather have a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich."

The girls all have shocked expressions, and Kathryn and I giggle. Before I say, "It is called empathetic or telepathic, I can feel your emotions, maybe even your surface thoughts when I said you are hungry, and the images of what you wanted come forward in your mind."

The girls are still a little shocked, and Kathryn says, "It is because we love you so much. It lets us know what we need to do for you. Cindy, your Daddy is learning how to use it to, that is why he is having your Mama’s cravings. It will not be too long, before he learns to do the same with you."

Sensing the girls’ apprehension I say, "It does not really mean I can read your mind, I could not tell you what you are thinking right now. I can feel your emotions. I do not think it is anything to be afraid of; it is not as if it is going to harm you. It is just a neat trick, which your Mom and I can do."

The three girls huddled together whispering, and one of them keeps looking at us, Kathryn and I giggle as they plot. We know they are going to try to test us. So far, all three have changed what they want for lunch. Sam was thinking she wants a purple cow to drink. I do not have a clue what that is, glancing at Kathryn I see she does not either. I ask Sam, "Sam, what is a purple cow?"

Sam has a look of surprise, and her mind flashes it’s a half glass of milk with half glass of grape juice. She has not had one since her mother left. Her mother would do that to get her to drink her milk, something Sam did not have too much of a taste for back then. I chuckle and say, "What does that taste like, half milk and half grape juice?"

Sam walks right up to me stares into my eyes, I get the impression she is trying to ask something just using her mind. I reach out and take her hand, as with Kathryn the volume of her inner voice comes in much clear and is no longer whisper buried in a noisy room. My inner voice says, (ask again.)

Sam’s inner voice questions, (can you hear all my thoughts?)

I answer aloud, "If I hold your hand, and you want me to, otherwise it is like catching a whisper on a breeze. Sometimes you can understand, sometimes not. Nevertheless, when I hold your hand, and you want me to hear you I can."

She lets go of my hand and takes a hold of her Mom’s hand. Kathryn smiles and says, "of course, I love you. If I did not, do you think I could do this?"

Sam’s eyes widened the next thing I know Sam is holding her close crying. Sam finally says, "I saw your memory the first time you saw me. You loved me right then."

Crystal comes into my lap and we slide Amanda into her lap, leaning against my chest her inner voice ask, (when you first saw me did you love me too?)

I share the memories of the first time I met her with Crystal. Including the conversation I had with Kathryn, Crystal’s eyes begin to water although she has a bright smile. She kisses me and says, "Thank you Daddy, I love you so much."

"I love you too Crystal. Do not feel left out Cindy, I love you too and I had since the first time I met you too. I just knew that you belong with Daniel and Kara. I get to be your uncle for the rest of your life, remember?"

Cindy moves to me hugs me the best she can because I still hold Crystal and Amanda as she feeds, "Thank you Uncle JJ. I love you too."

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