5 Muslim Kpop Idols, There Manny VARSITY to Choi Jin Hyuk

04 April 2022

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Muslim Kpop Idolsalways managed to attract public attention in parts of the world. Who would have thought, if they openly claimed to be a Muslim

Of course, they have their own stories and journeys when they change religions until they end up converting to Islam or converting to Islam.

Then, not a few of them introduced the teachings of Islam that are full of goodness among the followers.

1. Manny ‘VARSITY’

One of the members of the boyband VARSITY, Manny is the first KPOP idol to reveal that he is Muslim. This was revealed in an interview that showed one of the VARSITY members that there were members who couldn't eat pork because they were Muslim.

Manny also admitted that he had never consumed alcohol because his religion had made it up. In fact, when his friend eats pork he chooses to eat chicken or seafood. Through his personal social media, he has also uploaded photos when he was in the mosque.

2.Daud Kim

Daud Kim is a South Korean musician who originally had the name Jay Kim. However, in 2019 he decided to convert to Islam. This idol then changed his name to Daud Kim.