Donations and Whitelists

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22 August 2017

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Hello everyone,

In an attempt to avoid needing to resort to allowing third party advertisements, we've decided to add a donation button in order to help pay for the server costs of Pastelink. From now on there will be a Paypal donation button on the right hand side of the page, below the share section.

All donations, no matter the amount will be very much appreciated.

As a thank you to our donors, a new system is now in place to make creating pastes on Pastelink even easier. Anyone donating $10 or more may nominate a passcode to be whitelisted. Creating new pastes with whitelisted passcodes will no longer require the 'I am not a robot' authentication to be ticked. Please make sure to provide your public passcode (the one that shows to everyone on your created pastes) and NOT your private passcode (the one you add to the submit page) when you make your donation.

In order to prevent abuse of this new system, there is a limit of 100 'no authentication' pastes per day, per passcode.

If anyone is unsure of what the passcode system is, it is a password you add to each of your pastes in order to link them together. It allows you to edit a paste after you created it, or delete it, while still remaining anonymous, as there are no accounts or usernames on Pastelink. You can read more about the system and how to use it here:

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