How to Perform Samsung Printer WiFi Setup in Simple Ways

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19 August 2022

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Samsung printers offer the remote printing feature, so you can enjoy the remote printing experience and carry out the printing tasks from a remote location within the wi-fi range. Samsung printer WiFi setup is easy, and anyone can perform this process easily. We have mentioned the whole procedure so that you can easily set up a wireless connection for your printer. Read the detailed procedure below to connect your printer to Wi-Fi and enjoy the remote printing feature of your printer.

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Why Set Up a Wireless Connection for My Printer?
The remote printing feature allows a printer user to perform printing jobs from a remote location. In order to connect your printer to a wireless network, you need to make sure that the WiFi router is placed close to your printer. Once the wireless connection for your printer is done, you can quickly begin printing your documents through a device remotely. Below are the methods to help you perform the wireless connection setup.

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Quick Methods to Perform WiFi Setup for Samsung Printer
We have shared the detailed procedure to carry out the printer WiFi setup. Follow the provided methods.

By following the steps mentioned below, a printer user can easily perform the Samsung printer WiFi setup process. Carry out each and every step in the stated manner.

Click to open the Easy Printer Manager and switch to Advanced Mode.

In the Easy Print Manager, you need to click the Advanced Mode
Select the Device Settings.

Click the Network Settings tab.
Next, click on the Network Settings.

On the same screen, enter the printer’s name, IP address, and network password correctly.
After filling in these details accurately, you can click Save to save the applied changes.
That’s how you can quickly perform a printer WiFi setup.

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Some printers come with Wi-Fi Protected Setup. If your Samsung printer has the same feature, you can try these methods to set up a wireless connection for your printer. Follow these simple steps:

Open the Samsung Printer Diagnostics tool on your computer.
Then, you need to click the Setting Up Wireless Connection option.

Keep your printer turned on during the process.
Select the printer from the list.

Press the WPS button on your printer’s control panel.
Connect a USB cable as prompted.

Select the wireless network that you want to get connected to.

Input the password for the wireless network when required.
If you see the WEP option, click Next and enter the password.
If you see the WPA option, enter the password directly.
After entering the password, you will see the “Wireless Network Connecting” message.
Wait for the wireless connection setup to complete.

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Ans: In order to carry out the wireless connection setup for your printer, you must have a Samsung Printer Diagnostics tool on your system. Click the Setting up Wireless Connection option. Turn on your printer. See the printer from the shown list. After that, you need to press the WPS button. Ensure to connect your printer via a USB cable when asked. Now, you need to select the target network. Input the accurate password for the same network. Now your printer will successfully connect to the wireless network.

Ans: Yes, connecting a Samsung printer to Wi-Fi via the WPS button is easy. Proceed with the wireless connection setup procedure for your printer by clicking the WPS button on the printer’s control panel. As you click the WPS button, you will see the list of networks available in the range. Select the network of your choice and enter the correct password for the network. Your printer will now connect to the Wi-Fi network.


In this website where a team of dedicated printer professionals assists printer users in rectifying printer problems and carrying out the printer setup process from scratch. Moreover, the site includes the procedures to help you perform the printer WiFi setup process. For carrying out the Samsung printer WiFi setup process, you can click the WPS button on the printer. The printer will search for the networks within the range. Enter the password when asked. The printer WiFi setup is now successful.

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