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05 September 2017

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We have reached the point now where some sort of regular monitization is necessary, due to the sudden influx of new visitors. Pastelink has recently leaped up in visitors per day, over 12 times the number it was only last month.

For this reason, we have had to concede to using third party advertisements. We have established some rules for these new adverts, most importantly that they are as unintrusive as possible and that every visitor has the ability to opt out. We've decided to go with related sponsored content ads, which will now be on the right hand side and below the pastes.

You will also notice a new button below the ad on desktops, and at the bottom of the page on mobile. This will allow you to block all adverts on Pastelink for as long as your browser remembers your choice. You can click the button again at any time to unblock or re-block.

As a result of these ads, we will soon be bringing some exciting improvements to Pastelink. Firstly, a behind the scenes rewrite of some of the site's code will be necessary, in order allow for more advanced improvements going forward. We will soon be moving to a more powerful server. After that will come regular new features, make sure to submit your requests if there's something you'd like to see.

We hope that everyone is okay with these latest changes, please do get in contact if you have any concerns.

Full Fixes and Improvements List:

Bugfix: Long pastes should no longer fail to submit, was happening especially when editing a paste.

Bugfix: references option was not functioning correctly

Bugfix: leaving out https:// when accessing a pastelink paste will no longer give a 404 error

Improvement: Read and Listing page performances drastically improved

Addition: Added functionality to opt out of third party advertisements

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