How to Change the Battery in a Ford Key FOB.

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09 February 2022

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If you have a Ford secret FOB, it's important to know how to change the battery A Ford secret fob is the little gadget that unlocks your car door and manages your locks. It likewise can contain security features that are important for individual security. It's critical to understand how to alter the battery in a Ford key fob in case your old one dies or ends up being defective. This short article will offer you directions on how to change the battery in a Ford key FOB.

How to know when you require a new battery

In some cases, you may not know you require a brand-new battery. But there are some crucial signs that suggest your old one requires to be altered. For example, if your crucial fob is making a consistent buzzing noise or if the lights on the gadget don't work any longer, it's time to replace the battery. You can also talk to your car dealership for additional information about whether or not you require a brand-new battery and how to alter it. When in doubt, the very best strategy is to change it as soon as possible simply in case there is a concern with the gadget.

What you'll need for changing the battery.

in a Ford key FOB

- A Phillips head screwdriver.

- One battery for your Ford key fob.

- A pair of pliers or needle nose pliers.

- Security safety glasses.

How to alter the battery in a Ford secret FOB

Action 1: Open your essential fob

The first thing you will need to do is open the crucial fob. There are two techniques for opening a Ford secret fob, however make certain to utilize the method that matches your design. digibytemarket is to place a paperclip into the small hole discovered on the back of the device, then it ought to launch and pop open. The 2nd method is to place a little blade under among the edges of the crucial fob and utilize it as leverage to pry it open.

Step 2: Change the battery

There are four screws discovered at each corner of the inner plate (the plate with writing on it). Eliminate these screws with a screwdriver or coin. Raise on the plate and look for any exposed batteries. If there are exposed batteries, eliminate them with your fingers or by utilizing tweezers. Then change them with brand-new AA size batteries, making sure that they are placed properly (positive side up). If there are no exposed batteries in your Ford secret FOB, you can skip this action. Re-attach the inner plate with 4 screws using a consisted of Phillips screwdriver or coin if required. Close your crucial fob by pressing down till you hear it snap shut.


Follow these steps to alter the battery in your Ford key FOB.

-Find the Ford FOB secret that requires the battery changed.

-Remove the screws holding the cover to the underside of the secret.

-Eliminate the old battery and insert the new one.

-Screw the cover back on.

-Check your key FOB.

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