Christian and Scooby Dominate the Court

22 February 2023

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Christian and Scooby are seen at NBA games across the United States. Although you won’t see them get a game-winning basket or hit a huge three-pointer from the corner, the stadium still erupts in applause whenever they’re on the court. [[1]]

These two are a performance duo. Christian works with his chihuahua while showcasing many acrobatic moves, proving that the partnership of “man’s best friend” is alive and well.

Each halftime performance's video often goes viral as Scooby runs on Christian while he rolls down the court. If you give the pup a squishy basketball, he’ll dunk it on a chihuahua-sized hoop. Music plays as the two perform, with the tricks synced up to the rhythm.

When Dogs of Instagram re-shared their clip in February of this year, it generated over 91,000 likes – and lots of praise! Many people don’t know that these two besties have been performing for quite some time.

Christian Stoinev might go viral because of what Scooby can do on the court, but as you can see in the video above, he’s immensely talented. He performs strength and balance activities as part of the halftime shows.

A crowd favourite is Christian balancing on one hand from a podium while Scooby sits on his back.

The first large-scale exposure Christian received for his talent occurred on Season Two of America’s Got Talent. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the Las Vegas round that year. He made it to the finals in Season Nine before being voted off the show. [[2]]

Christian and Scooby put on about six minutes of showstopping fun if you see their entire act.

The two have appeared on shows like I Can Do That on NBC and Season 11 of Britain’s Got Talent. They were on The Gong Show in 2018, winning their episode with a combined score of 28 from the judges.

In 2020, Christian and Scooby competed in Unleashed, a pet competition on Nickelodeon. They were able to win that episode.

Christian is the act that has placed the highest on America’s Got Talent after returning from a previous season.