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12 December 2021

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Well, I am 27, a sex maniac, i love sex all the time, i am a bi lad, who, as in my other story tells you, have sex with my step dad often. more so now my mum is pregnant.

I went away with work a few months ago, and had the most amazing time.

I finished work at 6 on the Friday, and, new to London, I hit several bars, until I found a rather strange bar, was full of gay men, lesbians, people dressed up, i felt comfortable, and got myself a beer, after a few, I stood at the corner of the bar, in full view, it sort of went quiet after 11ish, so I thought I would have a few more and go home.

A group of people shouted me over, and asked if i was new, as they had not seen me before, I said yes, and had normal chit chat, I got taking to a girl called Nicola. She was proper nice, blonde hair, quite long, pretty features, quite big tits, bought her a few drinks.

I said i was going, said good bye and thanks, and left the bar, whilst walking down the road, i heard my name being called, so i turned and there was nicola, sort of running in her heels to talk to me, her dress was hot, a short leather looking thing in pink.

She said she liked me, but thought i did not like her, so I told her she was fit and she let out a cute giggle, man, her eyes were so sparkly. I basically asked if she wanted to come home with me, to which she said yes, and off we went, holding hands, I thought man 'ive picked a cute girl here' and a few lads wolf whistled her, was ace.

Back at mine, I got her and me a drink, we stood by the door and both had a cig and drink, I put my hand on her arse, and kept taping it, to which i could tell she liked. I was getting myself very horny, and felt the twinge in my pants.

Back inside i told her I was going to get changed, and went upstairs, I got changed into my shorts and sat next to her, She was still dressed, and i thought it was just because she had nothing underneath, i pulled her next to me and asked for a kiss to which she leaned forward and kissed me, which lead to a longer harder kiss, she could see I had a massive hard on and touched it, gripping the end and teasing me as we kissed, my hands on her tits, wishing she would rip the fucking dress off. Slowly she lowered herself onto her knees and pulled off my shorts as i drank my beer, and started to give me a great blow, her mouth instantly made my dick wet, as she started to take a deeper suck each time.

'you like that girl?' I asked, to which she moaned n nodded, 'good sexy bitch, keep going' i replied and sat back, my hand on her head making her deep throat me, by this point i was ready to rape this shit hot slut, but carried on getting blown.

'Lay back on the floor' I asked her, 'I wanna lick your cunt, get it creamed' I said in a horny way.

She looked up, 'oh errr, I better go' she replied very quickly, and stood up...

I gripped her hand stood up, and moved her close to me, me holding her from behind, holding her tits, she tried to sort of move, but i kissed her neck. she moaned quite load, and stuck her butt out, but I could still feel resistance from her.

i moved my hands down and felt a tent.

'what the fuck' i said, quite deeply, to which she got a bit scared,

'im sorry' she said and looked like i was going to slap her.

I told her to not to be scared and that it was a shock, and i didnt mean too make her nervous, she talked few words about fancying me and so on, and i dunno what came over me, but i pulled me towards me, me behind herand kissed her as i held her tits, really big fake tits, i moved my hand up her dress and obviously had to feel for her arse, and started to dry finger her, she was was moaning loud, and bent further over the table i spat on my hand and rubbed it over her butt hole. I was desperate to get to her tits, but waited.

I lifted her skirt up more, and saw that he/she had a thong on, and slowly pulled it down, and then kissed her legs up towards her butt crack, but trying not to touch her nuts.

After a quick arse licking, I moved up, and pulled the zip of her dress, the whole things slide down, and she gently kicked it away, straight away my hands were on her tits, they were rock hard fake tits with amazing nipples, and slowly ground my cock towards her butt.

I turned her around and went straight for them, holding on with each hand and sucking the fuck out of each one, gently slapping them, 'Im gonna tit fuck theses later' I laughed, at this point I could tell she felt comfortable.

Slowly, I turned her around again, and told her to bend over, and spread her legs a little. 'Im gonna fuck you hard girl' I said, to which she was excited about, and guided my big hard on up her hole, it was tight, so I had to firmly push harder in.

i held myself in her for a few, holding her waist tight n place before i started to go deep and fast, my nuts hitting her ass crack. after 10 mins like this i pulled out and told her to strip, releasing her amazing tits for me to lick and suck (tit man here), she has a hard on, to which i ignored and placed her on her back, legs up for me to rape her hole more, and god it was good,'fuck me' she screamed i puled her up, her arms around me, one hand on her tit, other on her lower back as i cum in her/him. she wanked her dick until she cum which was sort of hot, and laid back, and lit a fag, me still in her. my hand stoking her tits as i had a smoke too, i have no idea what came over me, but i needed a piss,

and without thinking, i could feel it drip and sprinkle out of me in her ass, until it was full on, she looked as i said i was pissing and tried to move, but i held her there until i finished and pulled out my load n piss poured out over my leg, she sat up, and i kissed her'what the fuck you do that' as i snogged her to shut her up.

'bitch does as is told ' i replied, now suck me' to which she did, and lowered onto her kneess to taste my cock that had just been raping her, as i grew and cum in her mouth i told her to stay the night as my girl.

and my god that girl got fucked tit sucked butt fingered, best experiement for me ever, and i think i will do one again. got his/her number stored, and had a few more sessions with her.


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