(Shurt Hadin) Israeli NGO to scoop up Ben and Jerry's West Bank trademark to pro

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26 May 2022

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Shurat HaDin is an Israeli NGO which has attempted to take over Ben & Jerry trademarks within the West Bank settlements, Jewish neighborhoods of East Jerusalem and Jewish neighborhoods so it can sell icecream under the well-known brand.

Shurat HaDin said that this was because global Ben & Jerry's as well as its parent company Unilever had declared plans for a boycott of Israeli policies.

Shurat HaDin's President Nitsana Darash-Leitner stated that the Shurat HaDin Law Center was registered a business entity on Israel's Israeli corporate registry. She sent the letter to Unilever, a British-based multinational firm. nitsana darshan leitner Unilever is the current owner of Ben & Jerry's global Ben & Jerry's.

nitsana darshan leitner aviel darshan leitner Darshan Leitner announced that Ben and Jerry's brand name will be used to represent Vermont's ice cream range and will also introduce new flavors. https://www.mjcby.org/shurat-hadin-flyer/ Leitner added that "we believe that the" business can expand into the communities in the territory it was abandoned.

Israel Law Center Unilever was told that it was not entitled to the right of using the Ben and Jerry's label in that region. This is despite the fact that the boycott is not set to begin until 2023 , following the expiration of the current agreement with local ice-cream producers.

Avi Zinger is the franchisee of the franchise in Israel. He has stated that his goal to remain within the Green Line regarding ice cream sales is not to be influenced by the Green Line.

Shurat HaDin wrote to Unilever that "we will aggressively and actively fight for our Ben & Jerry name, rights, and trademarks in this area by any legal means."

https://www.hadassahmagazine.org/2015/06/18/nitsana-darshan-leitner/ The Jerusalem Post was informed that sales would be restricted in areas where Ben & Jerry's is no more present. Unilever's promise to sell new Ben & Jerry's to Israel's areas that aren't part of the "Occupied Palestinian Territory", which means they won't be sold to the territories.

Israel Law Center Darshan Leitner has also said that the Israeli franchise contracts are no longer valid and that ice-cream sales could be made once they expire.

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