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17 December 2017

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Compiled by @KeepBackups, I just neatened a few #FF lists in-to categories etcetra. I don’t know some of these people, but I do trust & know the people, who #FF’d them in the first place. Contact me on Twitter if you have someone, 
who should be added and or if you want to be removed.

Still adding more people, looking for more lists too, DM me if you have any.

Thanks a tonne to, Toffee for giving me some more Malware people to add.

Social Engineering:


Infosec / People in the Security industry / Generally awesome people (Everyone else here is awesome too):


Malware / Research / Phishing / etc: Thanks to @PolarToffee for giving me people to put on-to this one. - Ransomware, great tutorials - Ransomware, avg dude - Blogs about some malware, nice retweets - Exploit kits/cve, proofpoint guy - CVE, sample hashes tweeted - Splunk/cuckoo guy - Ransomware/ransomware decrypters - Malware/ransomware, MB girl - Exploit kits - writes about malware/phishing emails he gets - Ransomware, eset guy - Ransomware/exploit kit stuff, proofpoint guy - Writes about malware/phishing emails. - Doesn't tweet often, but good stuff. - Consolidates a lot of malspam stuff. No-Nonsense Guy Ransomware, owner of BleepingComputer Malware/ransomware, MB guy Phishing, lots of it.

News / Blogs:


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