Back Stage Heat

26 January 2024

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I’d been working day and night to get the sets built for our upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet. We’re a small theatre group and can’t afford a whole lot of help. I’m pretty much the set designer, set builder, electrician, light man and utility infielder for this operation. For all the work, the pay isn’t much, but I love the theatre. Then again, as the other night shows, the side benefits can pretty exciting.

The cast had been going through rehearsals and most of the stuff I had to do involved using my hammer. We didn’t do Shakespeare all that often, preferring more modern stuff but Todd, the director had this weird idea of doing Romeo and Juliet in a beach setting. He said he was aiming for sort of a combo teen beach movie/Shakespeare thing. Weird stuff, if you ask me, but I’m not in charge. I just do the grub work to keep the whole ball of string from unraveling.

I could tell before I opened my eyes that rehearsal was over. Figured I’d take a piss, make some coffee and try to get some work done. Then I heard the voices. Without seeing them I could tell it was the leads, Suzie and Ron. I moved behind a piece of scenery and confirmed with my eyes what my ears had heard. My ears hadn’t prepared me for what my eyes actually got to see.

They were in their stage costumes, if you consider bathing suits costumes. His red Speedo was pressed against her dark blue, and rather small, bikini bottom. Their scripts were on the floor. Her bra was off, her cone shaped perky breasts mashed against his chest as she kissed him passionately. They were standing, their long, lean, young bodies squirming against each other, their hands exploring each other’s back and butt. Suzie’s Juliet knew exactly where Ron’s Romeo was, it was hard and urgently pressing up against her, only the thin stretchy fabric of their suits keeping them from contact. She was lightly moaning as they kissed and rubbed their bodies together, virtually dry humping standing up. My cock had hardened in my jeans. I wanted to pull it out but they were so close, I was afraid they would hear the zipper.

Suzie was kind enough to solve my problem. She broke off the kiss and took Ron’s hand. With a sweet, soft smile she led him a few steps away to where my sawhorse was sitting. I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. They were quite a sight, both glorious looking blondes. Ron’s hair was cut short, he had the ideal surfer’s body, lean muscled and sleek. His cock was pressing hard against his Speedos as Suzie held his hand and talked to him. She was born to wear bikinis. Her smooth tanned body, the long, blonde hair cascading down her shoulders, her firm conical tits, and perky round butt made her the perfect California girl. She was like a tourism poster brought to life, though I’m not sure that even the California Tourist Bureau would have had her stripping off her bikini bottoms. But, sure enough, she took them off and laid them over my sawhorse. Ron followed her lead and also put his Speedos on the sawhorse. For a moment they just stood there admiring each other’s perfect bodies. Ron’s dick was standing tall and proud, pointing directly at the Suzie’s ash blonde pubes. My dick was out of my jeans and in my hand, it felt hot and hard. I began to slowly stroke it as I lay there in the dark watching the naked lovers kiss again. It was a quick but deep kiss. Suzie then turned and put a hand on each piece of clothing on the sawhorse. I could see her in profile bending forward, her cute tits dandling a little as she stretched forward, spreading her legs. Oh my!

Ron came up behind her with his long, hard cock in this hand. He gently guided it in to her pussy and then slowly slid it into her. He paused a moment, about halfway in, and then slowly slid out, stopping with just the head still inside her. Suzie moaned as he slid forward again, this time driving his dick all the way into her. She was grinding her ass and cunt as he just held his hardness inside her for a few moments and then moved it out again slow and easy. That’s how I was stroking my dick, slow and easy. I didn’t want to get too far ahead of the action.

This cock and pussy tease went on a few moments. Ron was grinning, Suzie was moaning, I was jerking off in the dark. All three of us seemed to be in no particular hurry. Suzie’s next command, however, destroyed that illusion.

"C’mon Romeo, fuck me, fuck me hard!" she begged. Ron laughed for a moment as she then recited one of her lines from the play.

"...therefore pardon me, and not impute this yielding to light love, which the dark night hath so discovered."

Ron’s grin was ear to ear as he spoke the next lines.

"Lady, by yonder blessed moon I swear, that tips of silver all these fruit-tree tops..."

"Fuck them, fuck me hard, c’mon Romeo, shoot the moon!"

Ron grabbed hold of her hips and complied. He began plunging his big cock in and out of her fast and deep. She groaned with pleasure and began fucking him back with equal vigor. Their bodies were slapping together loudly, Suzie’s firm butt slapping against Ron’s tight belly and thrusting crotch. I was beating my meat with long, quick strokes. I battled to stifle my heavy breathing. Their manic fucking was becoming even more intense, their breathing become ragged and Suzie had begun gasp and cry out her passion.

"Oh, fuck me hard, good fuck, deeper, harder, oh....Ohhh...gonna cum, gonna...Ohhhhh guhhh uhhhhh!!!"

Her fingers were down by her clit and she was frantically rubbing away. The waves of orgasm must have crashed over her pretty hard. She almost knocked the sawhorse over. Ron was grunting and groaning. He pulled out of that hot cunt and stood behind her round, twitching ass, jerking off a few seconds before he came all over her backside. I shot my load watching their naked bodies spasm in orgasmic after shock.

Suzie was grinning as she passed Ron his red Speedos.

It took him a moment to realize why but soon began cleaning his cum off her adorable backside. The play might not work out too well but, at that moment, Romeo and Juliet were perfect.

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