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27 February 2022

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According to the report by Vanguard, a wall of a building under construction in the Church was wet, and some people perceived an image on it as that of Jesus Christ, attracting worshippers and curious people. A church in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State is now a pilgrim ground as worshippers troop there daily to catch the image of Jesus on the wall. Foreign gospel music singers has released their new song titled “Worthy”. Harrison also took to his social media to mourn Ada and to thank everyone who supported her with prayers and donation.

However, Rita Edochie was present in that video and was heard vowing not to forgive the comedienne. The Generalate as well as the GermanProvincialate is in the original Motherhouse in Dernbach. Christ has come for the restoration of all these to bring man back to God. May His name be lifted high and exalted now and forevermore in Jesus name. The worshipers were seen dropping sachets and bottles of water by the wall, while others knelt down or touched the image praying aloud.

Going around in a robe, long hairs but a white skin, Michael Job was touring Kenya in a “Jesus” appearance he wore in a movie, asking people to come for miracles. Michael Job, who acted Jesus in ” The life of Jesus” was invited to Kenya to brainwash people as usual. It was reported that the sight first appeared during a church service on Friday, August 5 and attracted a large number of visitor to the church. Hundreds of people have begun to troop to Saint Augustine’s Catholic Church which is located in the Nenger area of Makurdi in Benue following the “appearance” of an ‘image’ of Jesus.

To enable all these to take place in the life of any man, he must repent from his sins and embrace Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Worthy – Jesus Image Worship mp3 download is truly a powerful song everyone must desire to listen to. An astonishing photograph has emerged showing what locals believe is the figure of Jesus appearing over a Colombian city ravaged by a landslide. A crowd gathered to film the sunlight slanting through clouds in Manizales, in the north central Colombian region of Caldas, where 17 people were... However, as a Christian it’s important to note that God has a reason for every situation and we should always put our hope in Him whether in sickness or good health. According to reports, Ada Jesus died days after celebrating her 27th birthday on the 19th April 2021.

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I appealed to him and said, “Sir, I can’t serve Nigeria and end up this way. I need to enrol in school.” The commander looked at me and asked, ‘who are you? ’ I said I am a Chosen and he laughed and said, “in detention, no one goes to school.” But after some time, the commander sent for me and asked again, “who do you say you are? Lo and behold, he called the Welfare officer and asked him to contact the prison fellowship ministry, so that I could go to school. So, presently, I am in my final year studying political science.

The singer and brand influencer made a post on her Instagram page that people should not mistake her for Mercy Nmesoma Obi who passed away as a result of kidney complications. Instagram comedienne, Chinonso Ukah, also known as Nons Miraj but more popularly as Ada Jesus, has come out to slam people who wrote RIP on her pictures. Steffany Gretzinger, John Wilds, and the Jesus Image Choir recorded an incredible version of “Way Maker” at the Jesus Image conference in Orlando, Flordia about a month ago. Their version is 28 minutes long, and it really is 28 minutes of powerful worship. Apparently, the uncompleted building of the church actually has a water stained wall which took the shape of a face and many have termed it to be the face of Jesus appearing on a wall.

Based on the manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ, any man who embraces Him will no longer suffer the death and destruction earlier planned by the Devil. From the time our first parents, Adam and Eve, committed the sin of disobedience by eating the forbidden fruit and were sent out of the Garden of Eden, man lost the glory of God and was lost in sinful activities. Worthy by Jesus Image Worship free Mp3 download has been the hit song ever since it was released. Sensational Foreign Gospel Singer “Jesus Image Worship” releases Their new song title “How Great Thou Art“… kindly Stream, Download or share to your love ones… God bless you as you do.. bet.com sunday best am a simple guy, I'm a music producer, a digital marketer, a graphics designer and i love gospel music as well. The content we offer is the best just like Fakaza, gaana, Naijaloaded, 9jaflaver, gospelhotspot, gospelkeys, Ceenaija, gospeljingle and the rest.

An image of 'Jesus Christ' on the wall of Holy Ghost Fire Apostolic Church located at Ogunse Estate in Ikorodu, Lagos has attracted a lot of residents in the area. He said this was the first time such occurrence would happen in the church and suggested that this takes place when the people in a place were suffering and had prayed hard for God’s intervention. The ready of you religious fanatics can fuck off and go and jump off 3rd Mainland Bridge!

Tonto Dikeh gifts her son, King Andre, a piece of Scotland’s real estate on his 6th birthday; Actress Rosy Meurer showers love on King... Our catechism classes enable us to "let the children come to Him". Mainly in Garam, Minna diocese which is still a mission area, considering the continuous persecution of Christians, we try to search out and bring to the Lord those "who are destined". The sisters were invited to Minna diocese by Bishop Martin Uzoukwu. We have so far worked with and supported the church in the diocese. Over the years, Christians had been hanging pictures of Jesus in churches, on crosses, cars etc.

At the time of the foundation, this was a rural area and Katherine Kasper felt called to respond to the needs of the poor and suffering around her. Born on May 26, 1820, to peasant farmers, her parents had the difficult task of raising eight children. After the death of her father, she earned money as a hired farmhand to support herself and her mother, as the other siblings had already left home and found jobs or were married. On April 4, 2006, the German Province founded the Nigerian mission starting from the Archdiocese of Owerri where they had been invited to work with street children and abandoned children. The sisters started out from a small rented house in Aladinma Housing Estate in Owerri, Imo State.

John Wilds shares a personal testimony during the song, of how his mom trusted in Jesus even when they were about to get evicted from the home they were living in, and how she was able to still say that God was good. ” Whatever situation you’re going through right now, I’m sure this version will encourage you through your journey. “Way Maker” by Nigerian highly celebrated worship leader “Sinach” is a song that seems like every church is playing, and every artist is recording! You can be pretty confident that you’ll hear this song at an upcoming worship concert because it’s such a powerful song with a powerful message. Reports have said that crowd up to 400 a day have been trooping to a church in the Ikorodu axis of Lagos state to make supplications to an alleged image of Jesus. In a video circulating on social media, the singer burnt the famous image of Jesus Christ which is “White Jesus” into ashes.

Odimar Souza, a civil servant uploaded the pictures of social media. How woman allegedly abduct five children for Port HarcourtParents of five children wey dey miss since Friday dey cry for help to recover... Worshippers and residents of the area visited the Church individually and in groups, praying and singing to God, while some transporters seized the opportunity to hike their fares. The report has it that the scene has been attracting over 400 worshippers daily, but added that yesterday’s crowd was much compared with previous days.

He said the image is actually representing the devil and not God or Jesus Christ if one could take a look at how Catholic Church and the entire Christian faith has overwhelmed Africans and Black people in general. He indicated that the most widely image of the white Jesus is the seed of War, Child abuse, Apartheid, Hitler, Slavery, Rape Trade, and Skin Bleaching. You can never get the picture of my father the messiah anywhere. The Founder and Leader of the International Godsway Church, Bishop Obinim who destroyed all images of Jesus Christ which he said was fake, also promised to replace them with his. Bishop Obinim has destroyed the images of Jesus Christ in his church, as he further stated that it not the real one. The Nigeria Union South Africa on Thursday announced the death of another Nigerian, Nicholas John in South Africa, following a vicious attack on foreigners by gangsters in the former apartheid enclave.

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One needs not ask who the one in the image is to know that it was a portrayal of Jesus. New Telegraph reports that the church which is situated behind Government Model College became a hub for Catholic and non-Catholic worshippers after bright image fell on the crucifix of Jesus. You know the higher ups removed these pictures because of the backlash. He's coming back and beyonce and jayz are a big part of satans plans. The fact that there are sinister people pulling the strings in this country is truly frightening.

On this day in 2015, ISIS terrorists murdered 21 Coptic Christians in Libya. In the video released by the terrorist organization, Milâd Sâber, one of the martrs could be seen uttering the name of Jesus Christ just before his execution. pic.twitter.com/oqvUGIlhX9

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May His name be lifted high and exalted now and forevermore in Jesus name. The Congregation got into contact with Nigeria after a Nigerian priest had helped out as chaplain in the Mother house while doing his postgraduate studies in Germany. Six years after his return to Nigeria, he approached the Congregation asking whether young women could be accepted and trained as religious. When the first women came in 2001, it was clearly said that they would be trained to return to Nigeria. The first who came were Igbos, with one Yoruba also coming in 2004. But as soon as the first sisters came to Nigeria, they tried to also live unity and peace in this war-stricken society.

Dramatic pictures have reportedly emerged showing what looks like a glowing image of Jesus above an Italian town as sunlight broke through the clouds. He called on Africans to remove all “White Jesus” image from churches in Africa. Is no doubt a very interesting song, and its right here for you to download and enjoy. As God’s replica and representative on earth, the man was given the power of dominion over all other creatures of the earth. Christ has come for the restoration of all these to bring man back to God.

The publication of the doctored image sparked an online outcry which prompted Wakeel to remove it and apologise, saying it was an unintended “mistake” by a trainee editor. More than 200 complaints have been filed by Jordanians across the country against Wakeel over the past three days, the source added. “The prosecutor general of Amman has given his approval today for the release on bail of the journalist Mohammed al-Wakeel” who runs the Al Wakeel News website which published the image, the source said. Nigerian National Petroleum Company has announced that fuel scarcity ...

Finally, Please don't forget to drop a comment and share the song. Significantly, the song is presented with the Lyrics, the video, Mp4, instrumentals and beats to brighten your days. A song originally by the “Hillsong Worship” team, and performed here by the Jesus Image worship team. The song was ministered live at the JESUS ’20, Central Florida Fairgrounds. Harrison Gwamnishu who took up her case to ensure she gets good medication confirmed the news of her death to BBC Pidgin.

They also began to help the youth with professional training, supporting homeless young men to find and learn a trade. Secondly, as time went on, I was accused of a crime I didn’t commit. But after prayers from some members of this church and my mother, the case was reviewed. While I was in detention, I kept praying and as a Chosen, I was singled out and the case was reviewed. Lo and behold, even when I was in detention, I met with the commander.

The news spread into the neighbourhood and people began to troop into the place. “You people must bring to me the people that I do fake miracle with if not when I am done with her I will start with your generation,” Odumeje said in a video of his speech that emerged online. Some people have alleged that her ailment was as a result of her accusation against the prophet but he vowed not to forgive her until she provided evidence to support her claims. In a viral video, Ada Jesus alleged that the Anambra-based prophet connived with an actress, Rita Edochie to stage fake miracles. The suffering around her, however, moved her to start visiting homes and helping out to care for the sick and to take care of the children.

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