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Chapter 1723 - Special Treatment flagrant sad

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The expectant mother was still in ache now, so she must be sent to a medical facility. If she was seriously injured, her household could well be nervous.

“Great,” mentioned Expert Leng, then hung up the contact.

Brenda, Her School and Her Club

That nighttime, Jing Yunyao couldn’t snooze until 3 am and stored obtaining desires about her memories soon after she declined asleep. Nevertheless, she only experienced ambitions, and so they didn’t assist her consider something.

Seeing that your car was approximately going to the pregnant woman, Gu Ning immediately halted, launched the car doorway, and dashed into the expectant mother like super. Within the really dangerous instant, she dragged the expectant mother away together with the automobile slightly lighlty pressing the expectant mother before it rushed in advance.

Leng Yuanqian knew it had been potential, but he still noticed embarra.s.sed when Become an expert in Leng mentioned that to his facial area. Nonetheless, Become an expert in Leng was his daddy, so he obtained to hear him.

It wasn’t expected to end until it reach a car which drove by at the moment.

As the expectant mother existed in this field also, her spouse got within a min right after finding the phone, combined with her mommy-in-legislation.

Section 1691: Recovery a Pregnant Woman

As they been to the Leng family today, there were no requirement for these people to take a look at Leng Yuanhan’s serious. They might do this on the day time since Leng loved ones already well-accepted Jing Yunyao.




The pregnant woman was still in agony now, so she had to be provided for the hospital. If she was wounded, her spouse and children can be apprehensive.

In the event the car crash happened, many people surrounded them and an individual requested, “Do we must call an ambulance?”

In the beginning, he was concerned that Jing Yunyao might postpone the achieving because of reluctance and indecision.

“What?” Song Wenxuan was taken aback.

Jing Yunyao referred to as Jing Jining later, and explained to him as to what got occured this evening.

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He didn’t want Yunyao to come back, because he realized that she was really a strong woman. With her guide, Leng Shaoting would turn into a higher foe for the kids. Hence, Leng Yuanqian shed his appet.i.te during breakfast. Even so, since Yunyao wasn’t deceased, he couldn’t close her out.

The moment they were back in Mountain peak Stream Back garden it turned out nearly 12am so Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao went directly back to their own individual spaces.

When Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao pa.s.sed a luxurious house area, a personal motor vehicle suddenly rushed over the slope, as well as a expectant mother was wandering in front. She were pregnant about seven many weeks, so it was really a very little inconvenient for her to move. In addition to, when the motor vehicle emerged, she was hit dumb and couldn’t prevent it in time.

She was assisting the pregnant woman now, therefore it wasn’t hassle-free for her to make it work.

Leng Yuanqian didn’t have anything at all crucial that you do each day, so he didn’t go to work.

“Yes, you should,” stated Gu Ning. Though she could defend this pregnant woman by applying her wonderful electrical power into her body system, it absolutely was a key and she wouldn’t explain to any individual in the picture.

Believing that she was going to satisfy Leng Shaoting shortly, Jing Yunyao was quite nervous. She was more anxious than last time when she became aquainted with Learn Leng as well as the fellow members of the Leng spouse and children. Leng Shaoting was her son naturally.

“Yes, please,” claimed Gu Ning. Even though she could guard this expectant mother by positioning her marvelous potential into her system, it had been a top secret and she wouldn’t show any one on the world.


Even though she didn’t snooze perfectly yesterday evening, Jing Yunyao was obviously a cultivator and she wouldn’t be damaged regardless if she didn’t sleep at night for several days. Consequently, she was still full of strength when she bought within the after that early morning.

As well, Jing Yunyao couldn’t settle down soon after she left behind the Leng family’s old home. Gu Ning wouldn’t bother her and kept her some s.p.a.ce.

She begun to wonder exactly what mortal Gu Ning really was. However, it wasn’t the proper enough time to consult that concern now, so Jing Yunyao mentioned absolutely nothing.

Next, Expert Leng instructed Leng Yuanqian much more about Yunyao, and Leng Yuanqian possessed put together sensations.

It wasn’t compelled to stop until it struck a motor vehicle which drove by at the moment.

The expectant mother was still in soreness now, so she needed to be transferred to a medical facility. If she was seriously injured, her family members would be anxious.

“What’s wrong? What went down?” Once Leng Yuanjin installed within the simply call, Song Wenxuan requested her in a rush.

“Ma’am, what is the mobile phone quantity of your loved ones participants? I can assist you give them a call,” expected Gu Ning.

“Father just explained that Yunyao is lively, and she just came again,” claimed Leng Yuanjin and cried again with pleasure.

Excel at Leng told him not to ever inform Jiang Shuyuan that Yunyao would come backside, since he was concerned that Jiang Shuyuan could potentially cause an argument.

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