Re-equipment of containers in Saint. Petersburg

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27 October 2021

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Protection container

The container for security personnel may become a cushy place, offer protection from the vagaries in the weather conditions, and is also suited to relaxation and eating. Very easy to prepare with video surveillance equipment. Additionally, the protection pot can be partly converted into a checkpoint.

Great things about a security box

Mobility. Easily moves on the car platform if needed.

Cozy problems. The insulated compartment by using a heaters can be utilized all year long.

Toughness. Steel structure with contra--rust coating.

Sizes. The premises can be adequate for setting up a place for work and rest of staff members.

Refueling box

A pot filling station is a service station that was designed to refuel cars with fluid engine energy only. The tanks are located previously mentioned terrain, the fuel dispenser is found in the gasoline storing container.

Container-variety gas stations are mainly employed to offer gas each in the city and outside the town. Compartment-sort gasoline stations are not a investment capital design facility, so they tend not to require design, land and construction job.

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