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18 February 2022

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There's a difference between mega quantity lashes and volume lashes and as a lash specialist, you have to comprehend the distinction.

What is Huge Volume Lashes

Mega volume lashes are developed with more incorrect lashes as well as a larger diameter. Huge volume lashes provide your customers a darker, fuller and a very closely packed appearance since it makes use of light-weight followers with a great deal of extensions. Our mega quantity lash extensions are of the highest quality, made from the finest synthetic and also with extremely lightweight and all of hair are pure black, with no blue undertone. Use for developing up to 20D fans.

Difference in between Mega Quantity Lashes as well as Russian quantity

Volume lash extensions are used 3-8D lash extensions on one natural lash. Our falsies are really fine and light to stay clear of including excessive weight to your clients' lashes. Our ideal referral is to use women that are 0.05 mm -0.07 mm for volume lashes. For who want that extra zing- fluffiness, as well as volume on their lash line volume lashes would certainly be best for them.

Huge quantity lash extensions; for this you can make use of as high as 20 lashes in a single fan!! Despite the fact that this sounds like a lot, it's typically light. When you use our light as a feather, fine huge quantity lashes your clients will certainly not really feel a thing. It does not use any kind of form of stress on your client's all-natural lash as well as it is really secure to make use of due to its super-fine top quality.

For clients that intend to shake a very full, edgy look as well as cross the boundary of a natural look, extremely volume lash extensions are perfect. Our lashes will certainly provide your clients the excellent fluffiness and also light-weight experience that's needed for shaking high-grade lashes.

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