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16 October 2021

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It reflects our obsession with bringing the power of sound to you. We apply our expertise in cabin analysis, listening evaluation and custom-tuned equalization to deliver an accurate and lifelike listening experience you’ll enjoy with every ride. Other available features include a wireless charging pad, digital instrument panel and head-up display. We always like to get two sets of eyes on a car audio installation.

More accurate data is judged and used by comparing vehicle position detection results found by the gps with the result by map-matching. Am/fm radio rod antenna, antenna base and satellite antenna are located on the rear of the roof. If this was my primary car, I'd change out the speakers in a heart-beat.

Tel voice signal is input to av control unit by establishing bluetooth® communication from cellular phone, and the signal is output to front speakers. The voice guidance signal is input from the av control unit and output to the front speakers when operating the cellular phone. Effective range for comparing the vehicle position and travel direction calculated by the distance and direction with the road data read from the map sd-card is limited. Therefore, correction by map-matching is not possible when there is an excessive gap between current vehicle position and the position on the map. When you select your vehicle on our site, you'll be able to shop from filtered lists of the products, such as receivers and speakers, that we know fit or work with your vehicle.

Aux sound signals are transmitted to each speaker via av control unit. Sound signals are transmitted from usb interface to the av control unit and output to each speaker. There may be cases when the accuracy is lowered and radio waves are stopped intentionally because the gps satellite signal is controlled by the us trace control center. The receiver calculates the travel position in three dimensions (latitude/ longitude/altitude) according to the time lag of the radio waves that four or more gps satellites transmit (three-dimensional positioning). Therefore, the vehicle mark may appear on either of them alternately, depending on maneuvering of the steering wheel and configuration of the road. Map-matching compares a current location detected by the method in the “location detection principle” with a road map data from map sd-card.

Change in the travel direction of the vehicle is calculated by a gyroscope and a gps antenna .They have both advantages and disadvantages. Guide sound during the operation of the navigation system is output from av control unit to front tweeters. A 7-inch wvga display, an am/fm electronic tuner radio, cd drive and navigation unit are integrated into the av control unit. Adapts your oem speaker harness to an industry-standard spade lug connector to fit your aftermarket speakers. I always recommend efficient speakers to make it easier to try tube amps, and reduce cost of any amp in the future. Smaller, lighter, less heat, more placement options all come from efficient speakers reduced power needs.

I'd leave the stock head unit alone since you're leasing. Last pair I bought were for my ford focus were infinity's for the rear door panel. (I had previously installed some old stock boston acoustics for the front locations a few yrs prior.) driven by the stock head unit. We've disassembled the dashes and door panels of tens of thousands of vehicles, measured the spaces where the factory stereos and speakers fit, and loaded our findings into our massive fit database.

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