Motivation: how to take action


17 May 2021

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Motivation is the main driving force of any endeavor. What is its nature, can it be put in the service of their own goals, and how to manage it? This is the case study.
Over the past year, Ali Shoshak has lost eight big X's and one L. They were gone from his life, or rather from the labels on his clothes. For more than a decade, he weighed 180 pounds. He is 36, a swarthy, bearded man with a warm look. He often hears compliments, but the previous ten years he could not boast of it.

More than once in his life, Ali had eaten four large shawarmas in a day, snacked on pizza, and drank seven liters of carbonated beverages every day. That's not to say he hadn't made attempts to lose weight before, either: Low Carb, SlimFast, Fit+Feelgood - he tortured himself with a dozen different diets. But after a few weeks, he would slip back into his old set of meals. During his last battle, he lost 15.4 pounds in the first week.

He achieved this success thanks to the motivation that spurred him on at the right moment and didn't leave him behind later on. Now he says: "You have to get to a point in life where you understand that if you don't help yourself, no one can help you.

Motivation gives you the energy not to quit. It is the spark that ignites us as we ponder, "Get up or stay down, give up or hold out?" Motivation is the force that brings us closer to our goal. If it is strong, it can turn an illiterate person into a college graduate.
Behind the desire to understand the secret of motivation is the hope of better controlling one's own behavior and the behavior of others. This, however, is not so simple. Not only teachers, parents, politicians, marriage counselors, tamers, executives, and psychologists know this.

One is spurred on and maximized by competition; the other is paralyzed by such pressure. When one is ready to give up his life for the sake of the goal, the other is apathetic and not interested in anything, someone sits for a week for one essay, and someone just uses Sometimes motivation appears out of nowhere and disappears when you need it most. It doesn't matter if you want to lose 85 pounds or just 5.

Motivation cannot be seen, only its results or lack thereof. The question "What motivates humans and other living beings to function?" has been haunting scientists and philosophers for a long time.

Many publish articles and self-studies that become bestsellers. There are lectures, trainings, video lessons. Thousands of sites devoted to motivation are replete with quotes calling for action. They say that even from the stones that lie in the way, you can build something beautiful.

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