Sharepoint as a ticketing system

23 October 2021

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Solid security provided by such features as data encryption, user permission levels, multi-factor authentication, strong passwords, etc. Improved user experience due to single sign-on with other microsoft products. Let’s see what capabilities these two customization types can add to a sharepoint ticketing system.

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Office support – office supplies, printing and courier services, etc. Good news is that they don’t need to buy and deploy third-party ticketing software. Actually, they can build a ticketing system on the software they already use. The main purpose of a ticketing system is to assist in solving problems not causing new ones. Keeping that in mind, many enterprises shy away from introducing new software to their digital environment as they fear compatibility issues.

Type a – easy customization, it doesn’t require much time (around hours/feature) and effort. However, it requires more technical skills than that of an admin who handles the configuration of out-of-the-box features of sharepoint. If a ticket requires a second look, possibly because an issue that was assumed fixed was not solved, or because an issue resurfaced, helpdesk allows you to re-open tickets. Customers, partners and vendors can now go beyond just creating tickets via email, they can now communicate with helpdesk technicians using email messages, and the technicians can reply to them. Plus, the dialogue is maintained on the ticket for documentation purposes. Create a custom problem catalog that matches all the issues you expect your users to face.

Though primarily sharepoint is famous for its document management capabilities, it also does an amazing job streamlining and automating various internal processes. One such process that is common to many organizations is the help desk. If you are currently not using a 3rd party tool to manage help desk requests – you can create a help desk solution in sharepoint in no time, using out of the box functionality.

This ticketing tool doesn’t offer real-time chats, multi-channel communication or multilingual support. Also, the standard plan of it help desk has limited functionality. For example, it doesn’t support external user management (creating tickets, viewing and modifying them, etc.) and sla management. When creating a discussion board, you can collaborate with other stakeholders/managers on any open ticket.

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