The eu was wrong not to send election observers to ethiopia

06 November 2021

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I have lived here since 1991, and I view myself as a proud american and a proud ethiopian. My connection to my place of birth is just as strong as my love for the state of ohio, which I am now lucky to call home. And I am lucky, because here I am physically detached from the deeply saddening conflict raging in ethiopia.

— mercury, who documents filed with the justice department show was hired by ethiopia's ambassador to the u.S. Fitsum arega at the end of august, is addis ababa’s only remaining representation in washington after the lobbying firm venable let its contract with the ethiopian peace ministry expire at the end of april. The team from mercury also includes avery rose royster, a former aide to sen. Chris murphy (d-conn.), ashley bauman, a dnc alum, and william ogborn, a state department alum. Listed below are partner civic and advocacy organizations from the us, canada, and europe.

Since november 2020, the ethiopian government has been forced to defend the country against the tigray people’s liberation front . Tplf fighters instead expanded their fight to neighboring regions of amhara and afar committing atrocities against innocent citizens and destroying property, contributing towards mass displacement and suffering. Usaid’s ethiopia representative sean jones recently accused tplf soldiers of even stealing from aid supplies.

U.S.-ethiopia partnership plays a vital role in the success of u.S. Initiatives in the african region, particularly in the horn of africa. It is aepac’s mission to keep ethiopia as one of the most crucial partners of the united states on the african continent by promoting closer strategic ties between the two countries. Aepac aims to work with democrats and republicans across the united states as well as other elected officials in the spirit of bipartisanship to foster u.S.-ethiopia mutually beneficial relationship, regional development and overall african security.

The wave of untrue publicity dominating us and international media has without a doubt contributed to undue pressure and the recent sanctions imposed on ethiopia by the us and european governments. To counterthe dangeroustrajectory, the active participation and sustained contribution of thousands of ethiopians around the globe is needed. We, ethiopians and friends of ethiopia, must stand in unison and undertake the task of sustained advocacy, lobby and help public relations efforts through the deployment of professionals in the business. The american ethiopian public affairs committee is dedicated to promote a positive, synergetic relationship between the united states and ethiopia.

Tigray regional president debretsion gebremichael said its forces had foiled a plan by the federal troops to use artillery and arms stationed there to attack the region. The election seems to have gone smoothly with limited reports of security issues, and reports of large turnouts at polling stations right across the country. In total 20 parties had candidates, with encouraging scenes of rallies, street campaigning and tv debates in which opposition parties were allowed to engage for the first time ever.

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