What Does Cannabis Insurance Cover?

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21 March 2022

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Cannabis insurance coverage is one of the latest kinds of coverage that has actually hit the market. Cannabis is still an illegal drug federally, however there's been a lot of motion to make it legal at the state level. Medical marijuana insurance coverage provides security for those who are prescribed medical cannabis for a medical requirement and leisure marijuana insurance coverage for those who utilize it recreationally.

Both medicinal and leisure marijuana have their own risks and benefits, however most medical marijuana clients are paying high premiums for their protection due to its newness. If you wonder about what it covers and how much it costs, here's a guide to starting with cannabis insurance coverage.

What Is Marijuana Insurance?

Cannabis insurance is a kind of health insurance that supplies coverage for medical cannabis. The insurance coverage safeguards the client and their household from any damages if they are at fault for an accident while using cannabis as part of a medical treatment strategy.

Marijuana insurance coverage is a reasonably new product, so it's tough to state what kinds of advantages it might use in the future. Current benefits include securing the policyholder from losses due to theft or theft, or other public liability mishaps that might take place when you are under the influence of marijuana, even if you have it lawfully prescribed.

How To Get Cannabis Insurance

Cannabis insurance is offered in many states and can be bought from private insurance companies that concentrate on these kinds of policies. There are three types that exist:

- Medical marijuana - Recreational marijuana - Hybrid

Medical Cannabis

If you've been recommended medicinal cannabis for a medical need, you'll wish to look into getting a medical marijuana insurance coverage. These policies are mostly based on the state. Some states may provide a plan through the state-based marketplace while others might use coverage through an accepted personal insurance company. In either case, this type of insurance coverage typically covers your prescriptions, which make up a large part of your expenditures as clients. A medical policy generally uses some coverage for other medical expenses such as medical facility stays and outpatient care.

Leisure Cannabis

If you use recreational cannabis, then you may want to consider getting recreational cannabis insurance coverage. This type of policy will cover all the threats related to using the drug recreationally without any medical requirement or prescription. It's good to understand that many of these policies don't cover any medical expenses, so if you're trying to find security versus high prescription expenses and hospitalizations, this may not be for you. Be sure to contact your insurance company about what they do and don't cover before purchasing it. You'll likewise want to discover how much coverage there is for things like theft or injury due to illegal activity.

Hybrid Policy

Some companies use hybrid policies that provide both recreational and medicinal coverage together

Coverage Options

There are 2 significant kinds of marijuana insurance coverage: medicinal and leisure. Medicinal insurance coverage offers protection for medical cannabis clients, while leisure insurance coverage covers those who utilize it recreationally.

Both types of protection offer defense in case of an accident. For instance, let's state you're at an event and you mistakenly put your joint in someone else's pocket or bag by mishap. You could be covered by either kind of policy depending upon the situations.

Insurance coverage for leisure cannabis users is more costly than medicinal because it's more recent and not as commonly used as medical marijuana.

The Costs of Legalization

Considering that leisure cannabis is still prohibited federally, there are still a great deal of unknowns about its impacts on the body. As such, it isn't covered by most major insurance coverage suppliers. It is legal in some states, so if you live in one of those states, it may be possible to discover a provider for your needs.

Medical marijuana legalization has actually featured its own set of difficulties. Patients have actually been able to utilize medical marijuana for medical factors since California legislated it back in 1996. Now that more states are legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes, doctors are seeing the effects on their clients and how they react with their prescriptions. There's also anecdotal proof that individuals are utilizing leisure cannabis as an alternative medication since they can get it without a prescription.

As marijuana becomes more available and accepted, more insurers will start covering it. However as of right now, many individuals aren't able to afford the high premiums even if they receive protection.


Cannabis insurance coverage is a reasonably brand-new and unexplored market, however it is important to comprehend what it covers and why.

As legalization efforts continue across the country, it is very important to make sure that you are covered for all the dangers connected with marijuana. While many service providers have yet to enter the cannabis insurance market, there are a few that make certain to meet your requirements.

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