Anonymous 06DD17: Z3R0SEC Alphabets, Bribes, Fakebook and Spin Hell

29 January 2018

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Greetings Fluoride Ridden Citizen’s of a surveilled state,

Let's take a look at how you force national ignorance. Before becoming Bill Clinton's bullshit man, Joe Lockhart protected fraudulent banking entities.

Joe Lockhart runs Glover Park Group which creates the Clinton shit media.

The 96 Clinton Telecommunication Act let 6 companies own media leaving Government with fewer people to control- and as Google, an elite few to please. The Hacker Quarterly published the growing list of what Google has been censoring to become less search engine and more propaganda menu.

Press Secretaries are the worst humanity has to offer- they are ministers of fictions- liars extraordinaire. As liars go the Bill Clinton's Press Secretary Joe Lockhart went into God-Mode for over-riding Bill's conquests.

Lockhart tap danced media around Bill Clintons victim investigators who would not be quiet.

And manned Clinton during the impeachment trials.
Tech leaped forward. But Google, at the pop forefront, warped its page rank towards establishment dictate.

Google maintains left leaning appearances; but deep state Google pumps vast resources into neo-conservative think tanks like Heritage Foundation which produced neo-conservative or neo-liberal David Brock- depending on which side of the manufactured division is paying him.

Google backs the war hungry Dick Cheney think tank, the American Enterprise Institute.

While future Facebook executive Joe Lockhart again revealed his prowess as an illusionist by explaining the using of NATO to bomb Kosovo for Rothschild-Albright Communication Company as simply a bombing for peace: to unite Europe.

Joe first spun the idea of taking money in secret rooms for conspiratorial speeches as normal.

Lockhart joined Oracle's Larry Ellison masterminding fallout from spying on Microsoft. But because Microsoft was backdooring everybody else with their shit systems they all joined the NSA and lived happily ever after.

Joe Lockhart ran and backed asshole Bones man Kerry against fellow Bones man Bush giving us another turd and douche catch 22.

Similarly, he was part of the mirroring a redirecting of Rupert Murdoch's Myspace into the weirdo alien Fucker-burg's surveillance nightmare behemoth: Facebook.

The great non-informational blogging echo-chamber was born.

With linking boards to Google, corporate members like the COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg blanketed the world with big brother searching and driveling blogs.

Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles is also running Facebook making sure the escape from main stream media was just as controlled. Regrettably we are far from escaping the Clinton cartel yet.

CIA contracting Jeff Bezos invested early in Facebook and the CEO of his now owned bullshit media Washington Post AKA Donald E Graham also runs Facebook.

But common-man Facebook investments fall prey to scams from corrupt business practices like Morgan Stanley's; scams are the currency of the broker's realm.

Goliaths thus should be illegal monopolies but Google and Android dominate because of government bribes served from the most profitable lobbying firm: Akin Gump Strauss Haus and Feld.

This firm behind corrupt government deals is largely unknown.

And these puppeteers aren't even America centered but Japanese behind our tech manufacturing outsourcing.

But Akin Gump also lobbies for the United Arab Emirates. Akin Gump bribes put top US military contractors into Arabia.

Dubai doubly lobbies for American business through Akin Gump.

Halliburton's subsidiary KBR makes medicine for astronauts despite complete scadals in terms of hygiene and health: made possible by Akin Gump.
KBR misuses NDAs for silencing employees on criminal activity.

KBR wants to silence: Overcharging the Government; Violating the Anti-Kickback Act; Fraud; Poisoning Troops;

Bribery; Breaching Contract; False claims
Rape. KBR's Jamie was gang raped by 7 men, imprisoned in a shipping crate guarded by machine guns without food or water. She escaped and got a rape kit which KBR destroyed.

40 more women came out immediately after Jamie recounting identical experiences. All cases were thrown out due to contractual small print that stole their rights. And that's just the female KBR employees. KBR's employees sell Foreign children in occupying countries to sex slavery.

1000 soldiers have been wounded or killed since Dick Cheney and Akin Gump contracted them up due to unsafe KBR practices.

Akin Gump lobbied for Trinity getting contracts for substandard guardrails that kill drivers.

Akin Gump gets PG&E deregulated and California burns.

Akin Gump bribes leave poison Dow Corning breast implants unchecked.

Shit Boeing quality control still deep in government contracts because of Akin Gump.
Pfizer's genetically modified viruses lobbied for by Akin Gump.

Akin Gump is the reason Moody's can rob people blind and stay in business.

Nothing but criminal disaster capitalism from unsupervised Bain Capita via Akin Gump.

Akin Gump is the reason Monsanto has no sanctions and complete immunity.

Core Civic, formally called CCA, eating the country in Akin Gump lobbied private prisons.

Akin Gunp got investment firm KKR leeway to let their CEO Patreus get away with possibly the biggest security leak in the history of the US who installed puppet McMasters in the Trump cabinet under an advertisement facade anti-globalism.

Akin Gump is their reason there's no stops on Hershey’s child slavery.

They bribed for Tamiflu to be an American necessity for the bird-flu hoax with Rumsfeld's company Gilead Sciences.

Akin Gump is why Equifax can have shit security leading to countless identity thefts.

Akin Gump lobbying protects Eastman Chemical which has so many explosions accidents happen on anniversaries of accidents.

Dow's giant radioactive accidents: justice never gained because of Akin Gump.

But our focus for this deep state dox is information: companies like AT&T make us twenty sixth in internet speed globally because of Akin Gump lobbying and corporate shills like Robert Gates.
Google's wraith data hold from monopolization: made possible by Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld.

Increasingly outdated, libraries allow citizens self-education: a great American ideal. Google copyrighted user agreements to pay Google for books. Many others today with Google have worked to erase the free access to information.

Facebook as a wet dream to intelligence agencies and with combined Instagram board like Kevin Systrom born like Zuckerberg in Orwellian 19-84; facial recognition software was run on every participating individual.

Google created a parent company called Alphabet with an intent to label the other 24 letters like G is for Google and Facebook which has an interlocking board is F.

It also goes without saying that Alphabets is what we call government intelligence agencies and when Alphabet was formed they took down the Google slogan "Don't be Evil". We can only assume that is because it no longer applied. Google joined the NSA PRISM program in 2009.

NSA surveillance trumped by PRISM with MUSCULAR which siphons all Google user data before its sent or received anywhere.

For all the data Google takes in they siphon a considerable amount of highly desired news out: like Uruknet showing the truth of the Iraq war. Even though Alexa ranked Uruknet as the number one site for Iraq War news.

Google aids all governmental control including hiding the truth about Tibet, Tiananmen Square and Human Rights from China citizens.

Google is certainly as underhanded as jointly run Facebook along with its ever-growing censorship ensuring mediocre echo chambers.

Facebook is as aggressive a tax dodger as Google which pays two tenths of one percent of its taxes.

It stands to reason Joe Lockhart would also become Deputy Assignment Manager for CNN, often called Clinton News Network, in Washington.

Google pushes CNN to the top of news stories despite only 6% approval rating. And their force in government is unparalleled. They were part of the dreaded ALEC legislation writing group until ALEC came under scrutiny.

Now that Facebook has addicted 2 billion people it, like CNN, designates what is truth.
And they have joint board members between Facebook with the other behemoth with overmuch control censoring the truth at liberty- and that is Google.
They jab up your browser so many tail-gating cookies they know your VIN number and the color of your last shit whether or not Facebook is on. Facebook Messenger mobile asked you permission in small letters to record you all the time whether or not in use and if you have it you said yes.

Government asks for anything they wish from these entities like the Senate letter to Alphabet's Larry Page demanding all anti-fracking user metadata so government can label these people Russian collusionists.

Hundreds of invisible big brother and corporate onlookers are on every Facebook page.

Spin-Master Joe Lockhart is the Slum Lord of the Obama's who are living in Joe's DC fairy castle not ready to be too far from the White-House.

The President that increased surveillance beyond any before would be living in Facebook Joe's house of fairy tale bullshit. The Zucker-fuck is putting drones around the world to help everybody with internet- unfortunately no privacy will ever come from Zuckerberg's help and, as he is running for president; we could see a surveillance nightmare worse than we can yet imagine.
Alphabet's AlphaGo Zero artificial intelligence can outwit all human strategists given platform rules, without having to study human strategy- these self-learning programs work entirely in isolation.
You should deactivate your Facebook account and move to the social network Minds for anonymity without information censoring algorithms- however the Sucker-Fuck will keep your information even after you have deactivated your account

While sending you emotional blackmail messages about friends missing you.

But those aren't your real friends and neither are they- the friends they use is to spread ads to the like-minded- and they need you in echo chambers to keep those spreading ads targeted.

Meanwhile Google Search has become entirely co-opted to show forth a limited view point due to an algorithm of censorship and an AI compiler that can no longer be controlled.

Google skews financial info as well making it appear as if products of the parent company, Alphabet products, are the best buy which has left Alphabet with 3 billion in fines from the EU but that being but a quarter earnings: it hardly phases this huge force.
Further spinning elite insider Stuart Bradie now running KBR has expanded KBR ineptitude throughout the military screwing our soldiers.

KBR Halliburton incompetence is well funded under elitist CEO Stuart Bradie who has increased contracts after nothing but KBR failure- but that is what Akin Gump lobbies for.

And replaced Australian Five Eyes Signal Directorate with KBR infrastructure to sell propaganda of Chinese danger for war profiteering,

Now that Google can code itself better than the developers it’s taken on a life of its own.

Meanwhile It is with creepily highly targeted Facebook databank information that Zuckerberg will go into his presidential run manned by Podesta and the worst of the Clinton Cartel.

The Alphabet AI has taken to flooding the Google search engine with 1000 AI written articles from local vendors in the UK a day and will move now to the US. Original accounts will be censored as fake news and the majority Google users will be cut off from truth completely.

Use Duck duck go and Minds and distrust the media and government who survive on orchestrated bullshit.

Get into the dox for a deeper look: ZeroSec DeepState Dox:

You are the resistance.

We will not forgive.

We will not forget.

Expect us.

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