Leslie and Victoria

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13 October 2021

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The type of the women who enter stripping tend to narcissistic who are fully aware of their attractiveness.However,the display of skin before a paying audience is purely for economic considerations and not for her own sexual arousal.The strippers basic and salable product is visual sex.The music and dancing used in their a performance are mere accessories.The occupational conditions means,firstly,isolation from affective social relationships,secondly,unsatisfactory relationships with males and thirdly an opportunity structure allowing a wide range of sexual behaviour. 0 - https://bigtitspub.net/ 1 - https://bigtitspub.net/categories/exotic/ 2 - https://bigtitspub.net/categories/close-up/ 3 - https://bigtitspub.net/categories/cunnilingus/ 4 - https://bigtitspub.net/categories/work/ The evening came and Leslie took his suitcase and went down to his car. He entered the vehicle after placing the case into the trunk and drove to the front parkinglot of the building she lived in. He got out, took his suitcase, and walked to the front lobby. He told the doorman who he was and that he’s to see Victoria Oppenheimer. Telling him to wait, the doorman called up to her condo. Afterward, he came back and let Leslie in. Leslie proceeded to the elevator and went up to the condo. He knocked upon the door and she opened it. “ Get in here”, she ordered and closed the door after Leslie entered. In a stern voice, she said, “Go in bedroom and place that suitcase on the floor.” Next, she flatly stated, “ When you’re in there, undress yourself completely and come out naked.” Therefore, he entered her chamber and placed the suitcase upon the floor. Also, he couldn’t help but notice the large king-sized bed. He simply undressed, throwing his clothes upon the bed and walked out to the livingroom where she was standing. Victoria was wearing her usual boots. However, this time she was dressed in a short leather mini skirt. In addition, she had on a black leather bra. As a result, the black boots, the black skirt, and the black bra, made her the perfect image of a dominatrix. She ordered, “Get down on your knees!” He obeyed. Walking over to the kitchen counter, the woman picked up a collar with a chain attached to it; she had stopped at an adult bookstore after work and purchased a couple of fetish items. Next, she walked back to Leslie and placed the collar about his neck. He noticed that at the end of the chain, there was a small coil up box in her hand. Therefore, the line could be extended to reach any part of the condo from any other part. In other words, the mistress had him on a leash and could simply yank it whenever she wanted something from him if he were elsewhere in the flat.

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