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If you’re looking for a simple way to share text online, you might have heard that JustPaste.it is a good option. It’s convenient, easy to use, and doesn’t cost a dime – all of which are factors that are quite appealing for those who just want to be able to create a page online without any hassle or commitment. However, just because it does a good job of it, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best option available to you.

If you’re looking for a good alternative to JustPaste.it, you might be interested in taking a closer look into what Pastelink has to offer. From shortening your links, to earning money from visits to your posts; there are quite a few things that make this website a good choice.

Why use Pastelink instead of JustPaste.it?

Overall, JustPaste.it isn’t a bad website and if you want a basic text sharing platform, it could be worth checking out. Even then, there are several other alternatives that you could consider that may also be worthwhile. So, with all the options available to you, why is Pastelink the one to go with?

Compared directly to JustPaste.it and many other competitors, there are several advantages that Pastelink has. There are also several similarities between the two, like the fact that there’s no need to make an account, or that syntax highlighting is an option on both platforms. It’s the differences between them that really make the decision an important choice, though.

For the most part, when it comes to sharing links, there’s no better alternative than Pastelink. While a good text-sharing tool, the key benefit of Pastelink is that this website makes it easy to share text and links. While there are a few other points that make it unique, this is the most basic one to consider. For those who want to share referral codes, download links, or any other URLs, this is generally the best platform out there.

Many people choose Justpaste.it as a site where you can share text with friends easily and without any hassle, but you could also just as easily do the same with Pastelink and more.

A quick look into the benefits of Pastelink

The fact that this website is better suited to link sharing is one of the key reasons why it’s a better choice for some individuals, but there are many more features that help to make it even more appealing.

  • It’s easy to collapse and shorten hyperlinks in your paste, which can be important if the main focus of your page is the content on it
  • While you can make an account on the site and gain access to extra features, you can edit anonymously and protect your posts with a password without needing to sign up
  • Using the platform, with or without an account, is both simple and free of charge. Anyone can do it and take advantage of everything that the site has to offer, unlike alternatives like Pastebin

Who is Pastelink best suited to?

While there are plenty of ways that you can use this website, it’s generally a great choice for individuals who specifically want to share hyperlinks without any hassle. There are several instances where this can be useful, alongside the simplicity of just sharing text.

Referral codes

It’s common for individuals to use Pastelink for sharing referral codes. It’s easy to get all the links you need in one place and add as much or as little description as you need. Sharing the paste is incredibly simple – you can even share to Facebook and Twitter straight from Pastelink!

It can be better to promote in a community or forum that will be more interested in your referral, which you can easily do by just sharing your link in a spot online that people are likely to want to check out. Whether it’s a game or a money-making app, you’ll often have the opportunity to get more clicks by sharing several codes in one space through a Pastelink page.

Affiliate marketers

It’s also a great option for people who want to store all their affiliate links in one place. Bloggers, affiliate marketers, and many content creators can benefit from having affiliates, but having to go into details on each one, in every single post, can become quite time-consuming. Then there’s the fact that if anything needs to be edited, you’ll have to make changes to all of your posts that mention them. If you’ve ever dealt with this or don’t want to have to experience it, Pastelink might be a good option.

Having a paste will allow you to easily manage and store all your information in one place, without clogging up valuable time and space on your posts. For the most part, it’s an excellent way to make things easier for you.

Website backlinks

Backlinks for a website can be excellent for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but it’s not always simple to do. Many people used to put backlinks in comment sections, although the No Follow procedure from Google has made this pointless. If you would rather not pay to have your content featured on someone else’s blog, it could be worth putting your backlinks in a post on Pastelink.

Monetizing your URLs

Depending on what it is you want to share, you might even be able to earn a little money from clicks. Thanks to Pastelink’s partnership, you can monetize any URL of your pastes to redirect visitors to a short advert before being taken to the intended web address. It’s easy to do, and while it might not make you rich, it could be a short and sweet supplement to your income every once in a while.

Final thoughts

JustPaste.it is a fairly well-known website for those that want to put any type of text online, but that doesn’t make it the best choice. If you’re interested in the advantages that come with Pastelink, why not give it a try instead?

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