Pastebin Alternative with Links

Pastebin might be one of the most popular platforms on the internet for sharing text, but there’s no doubt that it has a few limitations. In some cases, these might not be too much of a hindrance – but Pastelink is an alternative to Pastebin that can be a better choice in quite a few ways.

If you want to be able to put links into your pastes or even monetize them, it might be worth taking a closer look into what Pastelink has to offer and where it excels.

Pastebin has no links

Sure, Pastebin makes it easy to share code and plain text with others, but one of the biggest places where it’s lacking is links. It’s not exactly easy to put a link into a paste, which can be an issue in some instances. This is fine for those who simply need a place for storing and sharing open source code, but what if you need something more?

It’s easy to use and fairly convenient, but the thing that makes it one of the most popular is simply that it’s well known. As one of the first websites of its kind, it has a notoriety that keeps it relevant even if there are better options out there.

Basic text and coding are just fine for this site, but for more features in sharing text, you might want to look elsewhere.

It’s a freemium site

Another problem that some users might find with this particular text-sharing platform is that it’s not entirely free of charge when considering better services. You can pay $3 a month for a subscription, or $50 for a one-time purchase. For some, it simply might not be worth the cost to get the extra features that the site offers, especially since it’s fairly basic compared to other options anyway.

None of this is to say that Pastebin is necessarily a bad site; it was created to make it easy to share large amounts of text and generally does a good job of it. However, it’s not ideal for those who need a little more without the price tag.

Pastelink lets you use links

There may be quite a few Pastebin alternatives on the market, but there are quite a few reasons why Pastelink is a platform you just can’t overlook.

Sharing links and text on Pastelink is incredibly simple. Any web address you paste will be automatically converted to a hyperlink, and when you’re done, all you’ll need to do is press publish and use the link to the page to share. Already this makes it an excellent alternative to Pastebin, but there’s more that can make it a worthwhile choice, too.

For example, your pages could be password protected if you want to keep them a little more secure without having to sign up, allowing you to skip the registration process and simply share whatever it is you need, while still keeping it safe.

Want to help keep everything looking clean and tidy in your posts? If so, you could even collapse hyperlinks to icons, numbers, or references, helping to prevent your paste from becoming cluttered and taking away from the actual content of your page.

Pastelink is a well-known site

Outside of all this, consider the fact that Pastelink has been around since 2014. There have been several platforms that have tried to replicate what this site offers, but many of them don’t stick around for long. Pastelink is available in 8 languages, translated by humans. 24/7 customer service is another excellent feature that helps to ensure that you have a good experience with the site, which is yet again another thing that you won’t want to overlook.

It’s important to consider that, while Pastebin is the oldest and best known, it’s simply not the most worthwhile choice when compared to some of the alternatives that are out there, particularly one like Pastelink – there’s just a lot that you can do with this platform which makes it a better choice for many users.

Creating an account with Pastelink

While you don’t need to log in to use the main features of the site, you might be interested in how you could use this platform to earn a little money from your pages. Once you’ve set up an account, you can use the ‘Earn from Pastes’ connection to create an ad link for every paste, which you can then share to earn a little money from Pastelink’s ad partner.

It’s also easier to manage all your pastes with an account, which is another advantage that can come with signing up to the site. There’s specifically a custom paste management system, which you can use at any time to sort out your pages as you need.

You’ll get to edit, delete, restore, and clone pastes when you have an account too, all without any difficulty. You can even process 100 pastes at a time, which could certainly be useful if you’ve got a lot to do and don’t have time to work on each one individually.

For further simplicity, you can set paste defaults, so you can always start with your preferred settings.

Why use Pastelink?

Many people will find that this website will be a great tool, thanks to all the features and opportunities that it offers. From all the benefits mentioned above, you can probably already see how it can be useful. Typically, Pastelink can be an excellent choice for:

  • People who want backlinks for their site without having to pay money to create a post on another blog can easily create a new page for free on Pastelink and put their content and links there
  • Individuals who want to store all their affiliate links in one place and manage them easily without having to put them in every piece of content they create, whether it’s blog posts or YouTube videos
  • Those who want to put a link gateway to media downloads, redirecting them away from the final destination for a matter of seconds. Plus, a monetized link can give you a little additional income on clicks

All of these are common uses of the site, and if you’re interested in getting all this for free, you’re going to want to give Pastelink a try.

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