05 September 2016

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Q. What can I use this box for?
A. You can watch limitless amounts of content. Latest movies long before DVD, long before Movie Channels and long before Netflix.
Watch endless TV Show Boxsets On-Demand and there's options for Unending amounts of sports.

Q. Do I Need a Satellite Dish?
A. No you don’t.

Q. Does it use Wifi or a wired internet connection?
A. You can use either, once you can achieve the required internet speed.

Q. What speed internet do I need?
A. The box must be able to receive at least 3Mb for DVD quality and 8-10Mb for HD

Q. How much are the boxes?
A. We sell lots of different models. Check www.Jarvisbox.Comfor latest prices. Also click this link for price info:

Q. I see some of your boxes allow you play games?
A. Yes. New Arnu Branded Boxes allow you play endless amounts of games from retro consoles like Nintendo, Sega, Atari and PlayStation. With no extra cost for games!!!

Q. Are these boxes Legal?
A. It is not illegal to own one of these boxes and you are breaking no laws by purchasing one.

Q. I've heard people say they're losing channels?
A. No that isn't in reference to our boxes, those effected boxes are Dreambox style boxes like OpenBox and Zgemma which we don't sell.

Q. How can I test my internet speed.
A. On you phone’s AppStore download the “SpeedTest” app. When the phone is connected to your Wi-Fi then lay your phone down on the exact spot the box would occupy and test the speed. If you’re unsure of the result meaning just take a pic and message it to us. We will explain it to you.

Q. How do I set it up or do you install?
A. It’s self install but it’s really easy to set up. Instruction are included just plug to wall and hdmi to TV. If you are stuck we can guide you through it.

Q. Do I get all the channels including Movie channels? Is there a Tv Guide? Is it just Like Sky? Can I record?
A. Our services are aimed more at ‘On-Demand’ viewing rather than live TV. It is not a Dreambox/Zgemma/OpenBox
You get so much more than ‘Channels’. You will be able to watch practically any movie ever made!!!! You will get movies long before Sky Movies, Long before DVD release and long before Netflix has them. You will have an endless amount of Movies to watch when ever you want to watch them. This is the same for all the content that is on Kids tv.
You can add a subscription sports/IPtV service if you like and it will be perfect but it will not be like a sky box with TV guide etc.
Dreambox style boxes are heavily targeted recently, they no longer work as intended and will soon be defunct. This is why our boxes are Superior.

Q. Do I get all the Sports channels?
A. Yes, you get practically every sports channel under the sun and you get lots of sports that you typically won't get with a normal tv service such as 3pm soccer games and pay per view events. There are both free and subscription based sports options and we do recommend a subscription based service because they are far more reliable.

Q. Tell me more about paid sports/IPTV services?
A. We include a months access to a paid sports/IPTV service with all boxes. This allows our customers to have a month to compare a paid service to a free service and then make a decision. For this reason we recommend taking the month before making a decision on which paid service to get or if you even need a paid service. Be wary that other companies tell you they supply all these channels for free, they do (as do we) but they don't tell you the free ones can be unreliable and poor quality.

Here is what one of the paid services looks like:

Q. Can I see a sample of the quality of a paid sports service?
A. Yes. Just click on this link:

Q. How do I watch TV Shows?
A. As with movies, it’s On-Demand. You watch them just like watching a box set. Practically every TV show in box set format. So you watch one episode after the other. The best part is that it updates automatically so if for example a show airs in America on a Sunday, then you can watch on Monday. This means you are always ahead of normal TV

Q. Does it update with new stuff?
A. Yes. It updates with new content every day. So once a new Movie or TV episode is
available then you can watch it.

Q. How Much are they and why different prices?
A. Prices depend on which box you want. The prices differ due to the model; the highest priced one is higher spec and a newer model. Think of them as similar to an iPhone 4,5 and 6. They all do the same thing but the newest is higher spec and faster so will be more future proofed. The full specifications are detailed on each of the products web page on Www.JarvisBox.Com
For more price infor visit:

Q. Is there a monthly fee or is it a once off payment?
A. All our boxes are a once off payment.

Q. Is it Pre-Programmed or Set up already?
A. All our boxes are despatched set up and ready to go. Just a few clicks and it's ready.

Q. Can I collect? Where is your shop?
A. We are an online business so don’t have a bricks and mortar shop.

Q. How do I order? What way do I pay?
A. Just go to Www.JarvisBox.Com and you can purchase there. The website accepts Debit and Credit Cards. All payments are handled by a secure system so it’s 100% safe and nobody sees your financial details.

Q. How long is delivery?
A. We despatch each day at 14:00. If you order before that time on a business day then it will despatch that day. Orders after 14:00 will despatch on the next business day. We quote delivery time as 2-4 business days but orders will mostly arrive before then.

Q. Will they work in Spain/Portugal/Italy etc.?
A. They work anywhere in the world once you have a TV with HDMI input and required internet speed.

Q. Are these better than Android boxes?
A. Absolutely. For full answer click this link:

Q. I’m not very Techy, is it easy to use and is there support afterwards?
A. We offer excellent support. You don’t need to be a tech wiz to use it and it’s quite easy to pick up as you play with it. Our boxes are actually the most suited of any boxes to ‘Non Tech’ people because we use Cloudword installer to easily re configure the box and add stuff in the future should you need it.

Q. What is Cloudword?
A. Cloudword is a service that is Exclusive to our boxes. It allows you to install add-ons (apps) with a simple code which we provide. It also means that your box is practically bullet proof because if you mess up your settings you can simply reset the box and we will provide a Cloudword that will reconfigure the entire setup, all done from the comfort of your sofa. Don’t mix this up with old ‘Dodgy Box’ type codes; this is not what this is. It’s just one of the many reasons why our boxes are the best available, you won’t get this anywhere else.

Q. Can I record?
A. There is no need to record as being an On-demand service means you can watch what you want when you want. It’s always there waiting to be watched. No need for recording.

Q. So do I get no Live TV at all?
A. Without a Sports/Live Iptv subscription We don’t recommend them as your sole ‘Live TV’ option. We always recommend our customers to keep a basic freeview TV service. We cannot control the live TV channels on the box so we don’t tell our customers about them usually.
If you do get a sports/Live Tv subscription to add to your box though, that would definitely be a suitable replacement for your normal tv service provider
This is why it is important that if a company tells you that they give you ‘All your live TV channels’ for Free; you should be very wary of that company.
We provide honest and open information to potential customers so that they completely understand what they are buying and don’t be disappointed with their purchase.

Q. So what else makes you the right company to buy from?
A. Well, we are quite simply the best at what we do. outside of having the fastest, most reliable, most user friendly, highest spec boxes available anywhere; we offer an after sales service that you simply will not get with any other company. If you do decide to purchase a box from us you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it sooner. Read our reviews on our website. Use YouTube and search for reviews.
You simply will not get a better experience than with one of our boxes. Yes you can get a cheap box on a market or from a guy selling them from his bedroom but if you want the best and most reliable with the best ongoing service then we are the only ones for you.
See reviews here:

Q. Can I get Adult content on the box?
A. We don’t add adult content to any box that we send out so that they are child friendly but if you would like to add this content yourself then just message us and we will provide a Cloudword that will install it with a click of a button

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