My 'I Love to Eat Pussy' T-Shirt Part 3

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12 December 2021

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Me Encanta Comer Coño (I Love to Eat Pussy) Part 3

With the girls off to college, I began renewing my ‘research’. When they’re at home, the whole house smells like pussy juice from all the activity. They’re still so grateful I freed them from the home they’d been in. Of course, I’d like to believe it was my hard dick, and wonderfully loving personality, that made them want to keep me pleased.

Donning my t-shirt with ‘Me Encanta Comer Coño’ on the front, I headed for the nearest VFW to play bingo.

Ryker, a college student who works in the concession, was the first to ask, “What’s the shirt say, Don? I know that coño means pussy, but what’s the rest?”

“I Love to Eat Pussy. This shirt has more than paid for itself. Remind me to introduce you to my two… I call them ‘daughters’, I think you’ll like them.”

I took my corn dog and fries, left Ryker with his mouth hanging open and strolled to my table.

The Post Commander stopped, took a seat and visited with me for a few minutes. Billy’s a nice guy and tries to keep in personal contact with his regulars. After discussing a few fine sets of tits and some awesome asses, he stood to move along. “What does that fucking shirt say, anyway?”

I told him, anticipating my ejection and being barred from the premises. He burst out in laughter and wished me luck. “Careful though, some of these married women may take offense.”

“Fuck those bitches. Most of them come here to get drunk and flirt, anyway.”

Ten minutes later, the caller got on the mic and welcomed all the patrons, gave the house rules and spun the cage holding the magical numbers. To this day, I still swear it was planned by Billy and the caller… the first number out of the hopper was…


There must have already been some quiet talk about my shirt. Several women, and a couple of men, looked around to my table with grins and snickers. I dropped my eyes to my cards and started daubing numbers.

When the first game finished, a brunette about 50 slid into the seat beside me and asked if she could sit there. I told her it would be fine, if she could stand all the questioning looks we’d be getting from the other patrons.

“Why would we be getting questioning looks?”

“Because of my t-shirt.”

The caller started the second game with B-9


“Why, what does that mean in English?”

O-63 was next…

“I love to eat pussy.”

Her jaw dropped, she gathered her shit and found another seat. I could hear a few quiet chuckles in the background.


At one point during that game, I saw the brunette flag Billy down and talk to him for a few minutes. He then made his way to my table and asked what I had said when I hit on the brunette.

“I never did hit on her. She asked what was on my shirt and I told her. If she told you I hit on her, she’s a fucking liar, Billy.”

Neither of us had seen the woman in the VFW before. Billy eased back to her table, whispered something to her, patted her on the back and walked away.

When the game was over, she picked her things up and left. Buy-in was only five dollars that night, so she didn’t lose much by leaving.

Three games later, we had a thirty minute intermission. As I snacked on some Bit-O-Honey morsels, Billy appeared beside me, again, “I gotta hand it to ya, Don. You got balls wearing that shirt in public. Has it got you any pussy, yet?”

“You wouldn’t, fucking, believe how much pussy this shirt has led to. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but it’s brought me some sex with women from 16 to 62 already. Even the woman who printed it turns loose of some cunt every time her husband is out of town. I got kicked out of McDonalds, but every time I go to Dairy Queen, I wind up gettin’ a phone number or two. Saturday I took a damn nice ‘Hunger Buster’ home with me. By the way, I saw that little brunette leave after you spoke to her. What did you say?”

Billy chuckled again and said, “I told her she may be missing out on something good. I had heard you not only tied cherry stems with your talented tongue, it was long enough to break a cherry, too. She just about choked on the peanuts she had in her mouth and popped a little fart at the same time.”

While I was trying to keep from laughing out loud, Billy slid his chair back into place and spoke quietly, “Keep me posted, Don. I’m gettin’ a kick outta this shit.”

Melissa, (I have no idea what her last name might be, but she’s a regular at the VFW) stopped me just as I got up to go take a piss. (I probably shouldn’t have had that second beer)


“Hi, Don, I haven’t seen you for a while.” When she gave me a quick hug, she whispered in my ear to hang around for another beer after bingo. She never even looked down at my shirt when she asked how I was doing and some other trivial bullshit. I have to admit, though, I was seeing her shirt just fine. She was in her mid-forties, married with grown kids.

The peaks of her nipples stuck out; they looked like they were hard enough to cut glass. I answered her trivia and headed for the restroom.

All three stalls were empty, as usual. Not many men played bingo, they just came to the VFW to drink, tell stories and maybe score on a lonely housewife. “Good timing,” I thought. I stepped into the last stall, pulled my cock out and started stroking. As I closed my eyes, I could see Melissa’s nipples pushing through the fabric in her shirt. The harder I jerked my dick, more and more of her tits tore out of their confinement. Within a minute, I imagined both big tits waving in front of my face as my mouth sucked on one, then the other. Someway, Melissa had wound up sitting on my lap, with my dick sunk in her cunt, balls deep. About that time, my nuts tightened and I opened my eyes to make sure my cum hit the toilet, instead of the walls. I blasted my load, pissed, wiped the reddened head off with tissue paper, washed my hands and returned to my table.

Just as intermission finished up, Gladys (early sixties) stopped and told me, “It’s been a while, but if you’d be interested in doing an old woman, Don, here’s my phone number.” She laid a slip of paper down and bent lower, “By the way, you’re unzipped.”

Ryker was the only visitor I had after bingo was over. The concession closed after intermission, so as soon as he finished cleaning up, he sat down by me, “So, what’s this about your daughters?”

I told him about the girls I had living in my garage apartment. (see Part two) “Even as young as you are, if those two like you, they’ll fuck your brains out. By the time they get through emptying your balls, your dick will look like a Canadian night crawler… you know… those little fishin’ worms.”

“You’re full of shit, Don. You don’t have any girls living at your house.”

“They’re coming home from college this weekend, son. Be at my place for breakfast Saturday morning. Don’t waste your time on any pussy Friday night, you’ll see why.”

Billy came up to me when Ryker left, “Melissa just asked how soon the doors to the bingo hall will be locked. Here’s the keys, lock up when you get through."

The hall was dark except for the light from the vending machines. It was light enough that I could see the tall blonde back at a corner table. I threw the deadbolt from the inside of the door and made my way to her. She had already covered the table with several layers of tablecloths.

“My old man never puts much effort into eating me. Billy does a pretty good job, though. He and I have been on this same table more than once.” She reached out and started to raise the tail of my t-shirt, “Let’s get these clothes off and see what you can do.”

I can’t stand for a woman to think she’s in charge, so I slid my hands under her knees and flipped her back onto the hard surface. She squealed in pain when the back of her head popped against the vinyl table top.

“Why in the fuck did you do that?”

“You listen to me, Melissa, I’ll take off my shirt… AND my pants when I’m ready. Right now, I’ve gotta get my mouth on your big fucking tits.” She put up no argument when I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra, which fastened in front


I thumbed her nipples for a few seconds before getting both hands full. She seemed to gasp in pleasure as I squeezed the ivory globes because her pink nipples stuck out, fuller and harder


“Ohhhh, I’m gonna enjoy this night.

“Oh shit, Don, do whatever you want. Suck me, eat me, fuck me, I don’t care. Just do something quick, I‘m so horny I just wanna cum and cum and cum.”

My mouth sought one tit, then the other, alternating my tongue and my fingertips. Somewhere during the next few minutes, I managed to lose all my clothes and strip Melissa. My hands continued to massage her breasts as I kissed and licked my way across her stomach.

Being a natural blonde, her thin pubic hair was barely noticeable when I reached her mound. Her legs were spread wide in anticipation as I found the pea sized jewel hidden in its hood. I sought the little clit with suction first, then flattened my tongue and began licking softly, like I was trying to keep an ice cream cone from dripping.

“Oh my God, Don! Oh my God… Oh shit, that feels so fucking good!”

I held onto the left tit and moved my right hand to her leaking hole. Melissa was in her late forties and well experienced. When my two fingers touched her pussy opening, her ass came off the table. I had licked my third finger just before that, and inserted it into her anus at the same time the index and middle fingers entered her cunt.

Her combination of gasps and squeals turned into moans as I finger fucked both holes and teased her clit. It took less than a minute for her hands to grab the back of my head and force my whole face into her pussy.


I was able to cram my pinky finger into her asshole just as her orgasm started. I was beginning to think the poor table she was on would collapse, the way she was thrashing around. I didn’t let up until I made her cum a second time… then I reared up and slammed my hard shaft in, all the way to my balls.

Melissa wasn’t tight, but her well used pussy muscles knew what a man likes. As she milked at my cock, she had a third orgasm. Her fingernails dug into my ass cheeks and she was jerking me into her cunt every time I stroke forward.

Thanks to my jacking off in the restroom earlier, I was able to hold off until her fourth round of ecstasy hit. I had to put a hand on her mouth as soon as I heard her start to scream.

‘Hopefully,’ I thought, ‘Billy has the juke box loud enough to keep the others from hearing.’

That was the last I thought about anything, but the blast that was erupting from my guts. It felt as though my entire insides were emptying into Melissa’s tunnel. I wasn’t sure if her body, even as tall as it was, could hold it all. Rope after rope, stream after stream, I filled her cunt with everything I had. For a second, I even thought I was going to faint. But as I finished, I heard her breathless words, barely above a whisper, “Oh you… mother-fucking… bastard. Where in the fuck… were you… when I… was looking for… a husband? Goddamn… that was the best… fuck… best… fuck… of my life. I done, fucking… fell in love.”

“Billy’s gonna be pissed that we messed up these tablecloths,” I told her as I wiped at her dripping pussy with the edge of the linens.

“He’ll get over it. At least he will if he ever wants anymore of this pussy.”

Separately, we slipped out of the bingo hall and had a couple of drinks at the bar. As I left, I bumped into Roy, Melissa’s husband. He spotted my shirt as he came in the door and shook my hand.

“What the hell is that t-shirt supposed to say?”

I chuckled and told him, “I love to eat pussy.”

“SHIT! I hope Melissa didn’t see it. Drive careful, Don.”……

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