Is Outlook Not Opening in Windows 10?

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14 October 2021

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If you are one of those people who often faces Outlook not opening in Windows 10, there are many ways for you to fix this issue.

The first thing that you should do if your Outlook not opening in Windows 10 is to ensure that you have completely installed all the necessary programs and add-ins that you use in Outlook. Also, if you have several unused or unneeded programs and add-ins in your Windows setup, then these items will also need to be uninstalled before you can run Outlook.

If you do not have any gmail account yet and you are still running Outlook, you may encounter a network error when trying to connect to Outlook. This problem can be fixed by clicking on the advanced link at the top of Outlook and go to the network settings page. On the network settings page, you should see the option of creating a new account or a regular account. If you already have a regular gmail account and you are just trying to access Outlook, then the best option would be to create a new account and connect it to the Microsoft Outlook server.

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