Will I have to switch my car insurance if I buy a new or used car from a dealer?

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03 March 2022

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"Any guesses about what motor insurance could cost every six months/ from the year for a 16-year old kid that has been already in a crashTechnical Breakdow Insurance will not pay...?

"HiI've never had car insurance and Iam planning to purchase a car. I've been exploring firms that are diverse and they are pricey. Should I wait till I am 25 to obtain my own insurance since it is going to be cheaper or is the price based off other aspects? I'm currently 24 years of age and not had insurance under my name.

Howmuch could extra might i pay for another auto on my policy?

"I've a tough issue that I truly require an answer to. I recently got back from the hospital. I had been working on my garage this evening
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