BBW ex wife cries poor

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13 October 2021

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The small talk was driving me crazy I wanted to fuck her brains out to make sure that I got the job. I got on my knees and crawled over to her, once I reached her I started feeling on her thick legs. I took her heels off and began to kiss on her legs making my way up to her thighs. While Mrs. Linda relaxed I let my tongue ride all the way up to her tight hairy pussy. Her mouth said stop but her hands did not push me away; I looked her in those big brown eyes and said Jasmin I just wanted to suck on that sweet pussy for a little while. I pulled her dripping wet panties off with no problem; her hairy pussy had a strong womanly scent that made my young black dick stand at full attention. I kissed and licked on her pussy digging two fingers as deep as I could in her wanting pussy. Mrs. Linda had a handful of my dreads while I eat her tight wet pussy, I pulled back to catch some air and I said Jasmin you are not fucking my face right. When I dug my fingers back into that pussy and began to suck on her clit like a newborn baby. Within seconds my face was dripping with her cum, and damn it tasted better than honey. I got up and placed the head of my fat black cock at the entrance of her dripping wet pussy. The entire 10 inches hit the bottom of her pussy without a problem. I said Jasmin could you feed your baby a breast with I give you my dick. Mrs. Linda placed her hand behind my head and put her double D tit in my mouth. I began to hit every corner of her pussy that I could, damn her pussy was good as fuck. I could not hold back any longer. I said Jasmin I’m about to cum. I shot a load so huge that it was dripping back out onto the couch, we enjoyed a deep and long kissed until all of the cum had leaked out of my black monster. Mrs. Linda had ten minutes left on her lunch break. I told her to leave her panties and to only take her car key; I did this to make sure she came back. I told her that I wanted her back in my bed as soon as she got off of work. As she walked out of the door a grab her by the arm and pulled her back to me. I kissed her one more time and said hurry up and come back Jasmin I want to make love again, I gave her huge ass a playful slap as she walked away. After that i go on my laptop and see that i won a lot of money on the live sex chat. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - She shoved the envelope to my chest/hands. She then gave me the tightest hug I had gotten from her in a long long time. While hugging I shoved the envelope down the back of her yoga pants and whispered "I'm not leaving with this" and kissed her on the forehead. Beck responded "I can't take your hard earned money". Without even thinking I blurted out "well do you want to earn it?"

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