How You Can Help Your Local Leisure Centre

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18 May 2022

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The South Northamptonshire Council has a new consultation process, asking residents for their views on the leisure sector. This is part of the council's strategic development plans. Residents can give feedback on how much they enjoy being active and what type of leisure facilities they want to see in the future. The results of the consultation will help shape the branding and direction of SNC's leisure offering. Here are some things you can do to help your local leisure centre.

To get young people interested in sport and leisure, South Northants Leisure Trust has invested PS134,000 into its Brackley leisure centre. The refurbishment includes the introduction of a second gym and a new functional zone. The existing ground floor gym will be enhanced with new benches and hammer strength racks. The centre also plans to add more children's playgrounds and a café. Several local children will benefit from the improved facilities.

South Northants Leisure Trust is investing PS134,000 in a brand new leisure centre in Brackley. The £650,000 project is expected to enhance the current centre with new features. Renovations will include redesigning the second gym and adding more equipment. In addition to the new gym, the existing gym will get a functional zone and new hammer strength racks. The improvements will increase access to leisure opportunities for children. This will make it easier for families to use the facility.

The South Northants Leisure Trust has invested PS134,000 in the town of Brackley. The £1.1m investment will enhance the facilities for local residents and visitors. The renovated centre will have a range of facilities for the entire community. A new gym will also be built on the ground floor. It will feature a strength zone and functional area. The gym will also have new hammer strength racks. The renovations will improve the accessibility of the centre.

The Brackley leisure centre has undergone renovations. The new centre will offer facilities that are accessible to all. The PS134,000 will include the redesign of the second gym. The existing gym will have hammer strength racks and benches to support functional exercises. The new building will have more amenities that are inclusive of the community. It will also be more inclusive, with more people of all ages. Once the work is finished, the leisure centre will be able to cater for all of these needs.

The regeneration of the Brackley leisure centre will provide more facilities for the local community. The Trust will also spend PS134,000 on a redesign of the second gym. This will ensure the centre provides the best facilities for local residents. It is also hoped that the new space will be more accessible than the old one. The renovations will improve the quality of life for everyone in the town. There will be more opportunities for locals to enjoy the city's culture and leisure.

The south Northants Leisure Trust has invested PS134,000 in its Brackley leisure centre, making it more accessible to everyone. The centre will be accessible to all types of people, from families with small children to those with large families. Its renovations will include a second gym with a new functional zone. Additionally, the existing ground floor gym will be fitted with hammer strength racks and benches. The project is designed to improve the quality of life for all of the local residents.

In the south area of the new unitary authority, PS134,000 was invested in a new leisure centre. The centre will have more than 100 activities and will include a swimming pool and a football pitch. The first floor gym will be revamped to accommodate a second gym. A functional and strength zone will be added to the existing ground floor gym. The second gym will also have more space for group exercise. There will also be more weight-bearing equipment and more seating.

The trust has invested PS134,000 in Brackley's new leisure centre. The improvements will include a second gym, a new functional zone, and a new fitness area. The renovations will also include the introduction of new benches, hammer strength racks, and other gym equipment. The newly renovated Brackley centre will also include a swimming pool. The club road show will feature workshops on marketing and safeguarding for local clubs.
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