Norton 360 Standard Review: Best Antivirus Software in 2022

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22 July 2022

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As the name suggests, Norton 360 Standard is created to provide all-around protection from malware and other threats. The message is a bit muddled by multiple versions of the antivirus software, but the main security features are the same across all of them.

The Norton 360 Standard suite includes a single PC. At the same time, the Norton Deluxe and Norton Premium packages cover 5 and 10 devices, respectively, and have parental controls and dark storage to warn you if your private data information has been compromised online.

All these can be bought online at competitive prices. A Norton 360 Standard license costs £13, while the Norton Deluxe version costs £19.
What Do You Get for the Money in Norton 360 Standard?
Norton 360 Standard includes two features that set it apart from most rivals. The first is an integrated backup module with 10GB of bundled cloud storage in the Norton 360 Standard version.

The Norton Deluxe version offers up to 50GB of cloud storage while the Norton Premium version offers up to 75GB. It is a bit of a shame that it only backs up files and folders; it can't image your entire system for disaster recovery, but it is still a great plus point for the cost.

On top of that, Norton 360 Standard has a completely functional VPN (a virtual private network). This is not a very advanced service. It doesn't turn on automatically when you connect to a particular network or suspend your connection if the VPN link fails. Still, it is a good advantage with no data limits and servers in 31 countries to select from.

Apart from this, all features are covered. The Norton 360 Standard scans local files and websites to ensure nothing bad can happen on your computer. At the same time, an individual webcam security module lets you control which software programs can access your camera hardware.

Also, there is a custom firewall buried in settings where busy users may never find it and an integrated version of Norton's free password manager so that you can access unlimited passwords on Firefox, Chrome, or Edge, even on Android and iOS.

Overall, this is a solid feature. We'd be happy if there's some Active Folder protection involved, just in case a ransomware threat overtakes Norton's scanner, but as discussed below, that's a pretty unlikely event.
What's Norton 360 Standard Like To Use?
Norton 360 Standard is split into two completely separate interfaces - the "My Norton" overview page, which provides one-click access to different Norton 360 Standard modules, and the major Device Security Control Panel, from which local security settings are managed. Its arrangement seems unnecessarily difficult, but you often won't have to deal with it once you go through the initial setup.

Like all antivirus protection software, Norton 360 Standard also has a definite impact on the performance of your PC. In various tests, two independent laboratories reported an average slowdown of 9 percent.

It's not spectacular, but it is better than Windows 10's built-in antivirus service, which came at 12.5 percent. If high speed is your priority, the F-Secure SAFE and McAfee Total Protection are ahead, with impact ratings below 7 percent.
● Full protection against malware
● Cloud backup included
● VPN with no data cap
● The extremely high false-positive rate
Is Norton 360 Standard Worth Buying?
Norton 360 Standard offers unbeatable security and some worthwhile extra features for a price that's hard to quibble with. Before investing, ensure you are comfortable with that high false-positive rate.

You should also be aware that after the 1st year of protection, the renewal fee drops to £65, so make sure to cancel your subscription plan and purchase a new license instead of rollover.
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