AI has come to life ChatGPT

26 December 2022

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In August 1955, a group of scientists held a summer conference at Dartmouth College (USA) on artificial intelligence (Al). The question nearly 70 years ago becomes increasingly urgent: Is AI different from human intelligence?

Since these humble beginnings, movies and media have romanticized AI, or turned it into a villainous "character".

However, for most people, AI is still a topic of discussion and not part of a conscious living experience, The Coversati on reports.

AI has come to life

At the end of November, AI in the form of ChatGPT - the conversational format - broke free of the sci-fi speculations and labs, and appeared on the desktops and phones of the general public.

That's what's called "creative AI". It can create an essay or put together a recipe and shopping list, or make a poem in the style of Elvis Presley.

ChatGPT is the most impressive engagement app in a successful year in artificial intelligence.

Researchers who work closely with these systems have been ecstatic at the prospect of perception. As is the case with LaMDA - a serverless service that allows users to execute application code. Or Google's large language model (LLM). LLM is a trained model for natural language processing and generation.

At the heart of all of this is the question that has become increasingly pressing since the Dartmouth summer conference: Is AI any different from human intelligence?