Her Spell; Part Two

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13 October 2021

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Because he and Jake were best friends, doing just about everything together, whether getting ready to go swimming, peeing, or just hanging out, sometimes literally; being naked around the house if nobody was home or the bedroom for more privacy, they would often sit next to each other and masturbate together, catching their cum in napkins. More often than not, they were both naked while jacking off, but every now and again, they would simply just pull their pants or shorts down around their knees, and get right on it. They usually only did this, though, when they were in a hurry, and wanted to finish off quickly, like when they had somewhere to be. They did some experimenting, like jacking each other off, or even a couple of times giving each other head, but that wasn’t usually the case. They were fonder of wanking in front of each other, watching and being watched, or just peeing for each other. 0 - https://pornyoung.top/ 1 - https://pornyoung.top/category/oiled/ 2 - https://pornyoung.top/category/compilation/ 3 - https://pornyoung.top/category/group-sex/ 4 - https://pornyoung.top/category/pissing/ It was hard to concentrate on anything other than the fourteen-year-old pussy, unencumbered by the denim skirt (it having been worked to the tops of her thighs by the fall and her movement), which was spread open atop the length of my penis, with only a layer of cotton boxer and cotton pant in between. She could have been asking me to “tell her” any of several things I’d said or that she’d made me say during the course of the evening: that I loved her, that I wanted to cheat on Cindy with her, that I wanted eventually to marry her, that I’d never been with anyone like her or half as sexy. But I knew she was talking about something else. “Say it”, she said, seriously, “say it.” Using very, very slow movements, imperceptible to anyone passing by, she began to massage my cock, through my pants, with her pussy. She continued that for several seconds. “You’ve never felt anything like that, I know”, she said, anticipating not only the words but the formed thought itself. “You’re going to cum again, for the second time with your wife right next to us, but we can’t stay here like this for long, so you have to tell me. Tell me.” It was a revision of the schedule she’d spoken earlier.

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